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hand sawMegasaw has over 20 years of experience in the concrete cutting industry, we are experts in  concrete drilling, and hand sawing. We deal with both residential and commercial projects, and we use the latest tools for high quality construction work.

At MegaSaw, we specialise in all forms of concrete cutting, core drilling, wire sawing, and concrete hand sawing, cutting depths up to 150 mm thick in floors and walls. We use the latest equipment and  latest technology to deliver unmatchable results.

We utilise Husqvarna Hand Saws as our primary tools for this type of work. We find it is the most convenient for cutting floors in specific areas that are highly inaccessible for road saws. Furthermore, concrete hand saws are more proficient and capable of cutting superficial wall depths rather than using an ordinary wall saw.

Concrete hand sawing is considered to be a highly versatile concrete cutting process when it comes to cutting through bricks and concrete and when time and access are limited.

On the other hand, hydraulic sawing, which is a special type of hand sawing technique, is mostly useful in areas where petroleum fumes are impossible to be ventilated and released.

MegaSaw is proud of its experience and expertise in all aspects of concrete cutting and drilling..

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