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8 Step Cutting Breaking Removing Concrete

Do you have a concrete cutting or removal project? Did you know that concrete cutting, breaking, and removal isn’t as easy as you may think? Please read below for more information. Breaking and removing street pavement to give way to a new concrete pavement is usually done by big-time contractors with the right technology and more »

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Using Ring Saw Cut Concrete Walls

Do you have concrete walls that need to be cut through to install a window or air conditioner? Continue reading to learn why ring saws are the best option for this tricky task. Cutting through concrete walls is never easy, especially internal walls as space is restricted and special tools are needed to cut through more »

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How cut Concrete Floor For New Plumbing

Are you wondering how a builder cuts a concrete floor to install new plumbing? If so, please continue reading the article below. When building a house, the builder will install drain lines and stubs to connect the new plumbing fixtures before pouring the concrete foundation. If the homeowner wants to add more space to his more »

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Cut Concrete Floor Near Wall

Do you need to cut a concrete floor near a wall? This can be an extremely awkward proposition. Please read below for some tips on how to do this properly. Cutting concrete floors is straightforward if you get the safety precautions right and understand how to do it. However, floors are different, and, in some more »

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Different Concrete Cutting Techniques

What are the different concrete cutting techniques available? How do you choose the right one for your project? Let’s take a look at this is more detail below. Today’s highly advanced concrete cutting equipment is credited with a variety of benefits. This includes precise cutting, limited access cutting, reduced downtime, the ability to cut through more »

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