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How Long After Pouring Concrete Can Start Framing

When it comes to framing concrete, it is important that you consider several factors before carrying out the job. These factors include the time it takes for concrete to cure, the concrete’s cured strength, environmental temperature, the type of concrete mix, and much more.  Therefore, it is important to consider these factors when it comes more »

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How Cut Trench Concrete Slab

While you may have your reasons for cutting a trench in a concrete slab, this job can often seem daunting and intimidating. However, cutting a trench in a concrete slab – like any concrete cutting job – requires the right equipment, technique, and of course, the proper safety precautions. So how can one actually cut more »

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3 Ways Control Dust When Cutting Concrete

When it comes to cutting concrete, there can be a lot of hazards that occur in the process. Some of these hazards may involve loud noises or improper equipment handling; however, one hazard that is extremely dangerous is the production of dust. Dust in concrete cutting can be harmful to human health for a number more »

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What Are Dangers Cutting Holes Concrete Walls

When it comes to cutting, drilling, or sawing concrete, it can be a very tricky job. There can be some serious hazards if you do not take the proper safety precautions beforehand. Cutting holes into or sawing concrete walls is no exception to this. It is important that you are aware of what potential hazards more »

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How Non-destructive Concrete Testing Done

Did you know that there are actually various methods of non-destructive concrete testing? This may not be known to many people, but non-destructive concrete testing exists – and there are many methods that can be used for this. If you want to learn more about how non-destructive concrete testing can be done, then please continue more »

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