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hydraulic ring saw

Hydraulic ring saws are an incredibly effective cutting tool that can be used to make neat cuts even into thick and heavy concrete.  It is particularly useful for cutting in small areas, hard to reach locations and confined spaces. Ring saws are not like hand saws.  Rather than a metal blade with ‘teeth’ they use more »

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types of concrete saw and sawing

In the construction industry, concrete sawing is an everyday need.  It is critical for cutting and removing concrete in a safe and precise manner and is often used in building and remodelling work.  Concrete saws, however, come in many different types, all suited to different purposes.  There are also several different concrete sawing techniques.  To more »

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ring saws

Ring saws are very effective cutting tools for cutting through concrete and other construction materials.  They can also be used to create entrances in brick walls and can also be used in confined spaces or any locations that are hard to reach.  Here is what you need to know about ring saws and why they more »

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safety tips concrete saw

Whether you are cutting a concrete slab, floors or something else, it is important that you do so using the highest level of safety.  Using a concrete saw can be extremely dangerous if you are not careful while operating it.  Here are 7 tips that will ensure there are no issues once you take out more »

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How to Cut a Door Into a Concrete Foundation

If you are renovating your property and making improvements to the basement then you may have the need to cut a door into the foundations.  This can seem like a huge and intimidating task, but it is something that is usually possible to do, and the task itself is simpler than you might think.  The more »

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