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What Is Diamond Wire Saw

A diamond wire saw is a diamond-embedded strong cutting saw that is shaped like a wire designed for concrete cutting and other tough surfaces like concrete and much more. It works similar to a band saw or reciprocating saws but instead of using teeth, it uses diamond abrasion. It is often cooled with water or more »

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How Can Water Cut Concrete

  A high-pressure, high flow water jet with an abrasion can cut through thick concrete, even those with heavy rebar. This is usually done through a small orifice like a water hose. Nowadays, there are water jet cutting machines that can function with a high level of precision.  Cutting concrete using a water jet has more »

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How To Cut Thick Concrete Slab cutting

Cutting thick concrete slabs neatly and with high precision is not an easy task. In fact, cutting any kind of concrete is hard. You need to have the knowledge, expertise, and experience to be able to do a decent job. It also helps if you have excellent hand-eye coordination and strength.  Although concrete cutting is more »

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Cut Concrete Door Opening

Sometimes it is necessary to have to cut through old concrete walls when renovating. Although it is ideal to cut concrete within a few hours after it is poured, it is still possible to cut through old concrete without causing too much damage, if any at all. When cutting concrete walls, you have to consider more »

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Controlled Crack In Concrete

Concrete cracks. It is unavoidable. However, cracking can actually be controlled and minimised. How? By cutting and putting a controlled crack before the concrete cracks on its own. By cutting the concrete in strategic areas, you preempt random cracking and keep the integrity of the concrete – visually and internally.  The cuts you make on more »

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