Concrete Cutting

reinforced steel concrete

Cutting through concrete that is reinforced with steel is a difficult task.  Steel is often used to provide stability for structural concrete, and it does a good job of this. However, it also means that if you need to cut the concrete you are likely to run into problems.  Traditional blades will hit the steel more »

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hydraulic ring saw

Hydraulic ring saws are an incredibly effective cutting tool that can be used to make neat cuts even into thick and heavy concrete.  It is particularly useful for cutting in small areas, hard to reach locations and confined spaces. Ring saws are not like hand saws.  Rather than a metal blade with ‘teeth’ they use more »

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How to Cut a Door Into a Concrete Foundation

If you are renovating your property and making improvements to the basement then you may have the need to cut a door into the foundations.  This can seem like a huge and intimidating task, but it is something that is usually possible to do, and the task itself is simpler than you might think.  The more »

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Installing a toilet on a concrete floor may not be the most difficult task in the world. However, if you don’t prepare properly and take the right precautions you can make it a whole lot harder than what it needs to be. Instead of being afraid of the project and leaving it for someone else, more »

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mistakes to avoid when cutting concrete floor

Cutting concrete is a very hard task that requires a large amount of expertise, patience and precision. This is not something that you can do on a whim without giving it much thought. If you want to do the job safely and efficiently, it would be a good idea to avoid making any of the more »

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