The Finest Concrete Cutting Service in Melbourne

Concrete cutting requires delicate precision to ensure purposeful results. It requires an experienced hand with optimal know-how of how to use modern equipment to accurately make desired cuts.

Clients require perfection and nothing less is acceptable.

MegaSaw is a trusted concrete cutting service. Backed by a team of the world’s finest concrete cutting specialists, they are always ready to perform high quality concrete cutting services at affordable rates.

wall Sawing

Quality Equipment

Beginning with the use of excellent diamond bits and moving onto the crushing equipment (when necessary), MegaSaw is home to the finest concrete cutting tools in the world. This is a service that goes the extra mile to have modernistic equipment that is ahead of anything else that is out there.

This ensures MegaSaw is able to produce results faster than anyone else and more efficiently. Clients deserve the best and that is precisely what is on offer with this service.

The equipment is regularly vetted for maximum efficiency and is utilized by specialized professionals for optimal results.


Disposal of Concrete

Want the concrete removed as soon as possible? There are services out there who are unable to take care of these issues. MegaSaw is able to crush and dispose of the concrete that has been cut. The excess should not be lying around and clients should not have to deal with the rubble that is left behind.

MegaSaw ensures the concrete is removed as soon as the project is done to ensure the environment is as clean as it was prior to the commencement of the project. Quality results aren’t left for the concrete itself, but the surrounding area around the concrete.


Customer Service

MegaSaw will always provide a courteous, flexible environment for the client to thrive in. Our specialists are trained to provide high-quality results that are going to bring a smile to your face.

Customer service is essential in the modern age of business and MegaSaw understands the importance of keeping you happy. We are always willing to sit down and listen to what our clients have to say.

Our representatives are trained to provide customized results from beginning to end. All of your questions and/or concerns will be alleviated before the project commences.



Want the concrete cutting do be done before an established deadline? Don’t want to deal with false promises where the deadline is pushed further and further?

MegaSaw guarantees high-quality results with an established deadline that is met on time.

Forget about wasting time with services who are only good for making false promises. It is time to go with professionals who value your time and want to provide results as soon as possible by beating the deadline that was set.

MegaSaw works tirelessly to beat the deadlines that are established to guarantee the client is satisfied.


Commercial or Residential

What type of concrete cutting is on offer for clients? Commercial and/or residential clients are welcome to call in and speak with one of our representatives as no project is too big or too small. MegaSaw is always willing to work with its clients to produce results that are meaningful.

All projects are done with precision and care to ensure the client is content with the results produced. Finishing is a key component of concrete cutting services and our team recognizes the importance of meeting these established standards.


Environment Friendly

For MegaSaw, the environment is important and meeting local and federal standards with regard to environment regulations is critical.

By going with MegaSaw, you will be selecting an environment friendly solution that will produce quality results while making eco-friendly decisions.

Reduce your carbon footprint by going with a company that cares about the environment. We will make sure the concrete is cut in a manner that does not harm the environment and the cleanup afterwards is done efficiently and thoroughly.

MegaSaw does not cut corners when it comes to cleaning up afterwards and ensuring the environment is not effected. MegaSaw is committed to remaining eco-friendly with all of its processes.

Concrete cutting is all about perfection and aesthetic finishing. With an establish quality control process in place, MegaSaw and its team are ready to provide servicing that is ahead of anything else that is on the market.

There is no comparison when it comes to the refined quality that is on offer with this service.

Clients get the very best when they contact MegaSaw and that begins with the customer service that is brought forward during the initial assessment.

MegaSaw prides itself on quality results and a proven process that works hand in hand with the client’s personal requirements.

Warning! Leaving Concrete Drilling in the Hands of Amateurs Can Lead to Costly Damage

Do you have a concrete drilling project that requires immediate, professional attention? It is important to come to a service with years of experience and knowledge to complete the job properly.

Forget about going to amateurs or doing it on your own. MegaSaw is the only option to consider.

This is a team that works tirelessly to produce results that are of the highest quality. Concrete drilling has never been easier as it is now for clients who go with MegaSaw. We are a reputable company with the world’s finest professionals working on our team.

We make sure you get the best results every single time.



Want a team that is going to use its years of experience to do the job correctly? Concrete drilling is a complex task which requires safety precautions and attention to detail. Without requisite experience, it is impossible to get the kind of results you want.

MegaSaw makes sure the results are in accordance with your needs and wants at all times and nothing less is expected of our team. The experience on offer ensures you are going to get results that are ahead of anything else that is out there at the moment.


Flawless Finishing

Finishing touches are the main part of this project. Concrete drilling without any purpose or aim can result in catastrophic damage which cannot be undone.

In order to avoid this, it is essential to hire MegaSaw and its team to produce exactly the results you want.

Concrete drilling is all about finishing the job with precision and class, which is precisely what MegaSaw guarantees to all of its present and future clients. Anything short of flawless finishing is unacceptable by our quality standards.


Modern Technologies

Concrete drilling using old methods which take up valuable time and waste money is something MegaSaw avoids wholeheartedly. This service ensures only the finest gadgets and tools built specifically for concrete drilling purposes are used on all projects.

These high-end tools are designed to produce results in the short and long-term. The accuracy of the drilling is precise, the results are flawless, and the time spent is reduced. This technology alone is a reason to hire MegaSaw over anyone else as the results on offer with modern technologies will always be better than other options.


Excellent Customer Service

Want to be treated like a respected client? Don’t want to deal with people who are trying to get their way and will not listen? Forget about going to places that do not value you as a person and don’t want to form a relationship that is going to produce quality results.

MegaSaw and its team make sure the client feels relaxed and understands how the process is going to work from start to end. This is an important part of how we deal with our clients and ensure they are satisfied with the results.


Flexible Rates

Searching for a bargain, but don’t know how to ask? Don’t worry, MegaSaw and its representatives will ensure the client is able to vent all of their concerns during regular updates and meetings.

If you are searching for flexible rates that are ahead of the competitors, ask our representatives to sit down and put together a price point that is perfect for your personal budget.

We are always willing to listen to our clients and get a feel of what they require both in terms of the project and the rates that will be established.


Regularly Updated Techniques

The techniques used during the process of concrete drilling are regularly updated to meet modern standards. Quality is something we never cut corners on and we make sure the techniques put in place will maximize the results in our client’s favour.

You will only get the best and we are constantly updating our practices to make sure the concrete drilling being done is as safe as possible. You deserve the best and this is what we aim to deliver from the beginning. Our techniques are honed and refined to meet the needs of our clients. Customized results are essential and should be expected.

MegaSaw is the only option to consider when it comes to your concrete drilling needs. The days of going and hiring someone that does not know what they are doing are long gone.

It is important to hire a team that is accredited and understands the ins and outs of concrete drilling without causing additional damage.

We do the job properly the first time around so you don’t have to worry about getting it redone later on.

MegaSaw is the number one concrete drilling service in the nation and continues to earn rave reviews because of its service, quality, and professionalism.

High Quality Concrete Drilling Services from MegaSaw

Whether it is a residential or commercial project, concrete drilling services have to produce results that are aesthetic, precise, and of the highest quality. Clients who are on a budget expect the best possible results from their contractor – that’s why MegaSaw ensures these expectations are not only met but exceeded.

When searching for the highest quality concrete drilling services in town, MegaSaw is the best and only option to consider that is going to be worthwhile. This is a team with years of experience who are going to go above and beyond to meet your personal needs.


Delicate and Precise

Have a project that is in a sensitive location or a clean room environment? There are many clients who have specific needs and require the drilling to be as flawless as possible without causing additional damage.

MegaSaw has 20 years of experience in dealing with related environments and have the requisite knowledge to do the job delicately and with precision. The team will assess the area before moving forward and put together the best course of action to drill through without causing damage.


Time Management

Deadlines are critical for clients and you should expect to be given firm deadlines right from the start. MegaSaw ensures the client is not left hanging with false promises that are not met.

We ensure the client gets the results they desired on the deadline they wanted. Anything short of this is a failure and this is unacceptable with our service.

We make sure all projects are not only completed on time, but are completed in accordance with the client’s needs. Our team is quick and accurate and makes sure the drilling is perfect.


Client Satisfaction

A satisfied client brings a smile to our faces more than anything else. We will go the extra mile to make sure you are satisfied with the results and the process used to achieve them. We are regularly open to listening to your suggestions and needs in order to get the results as wanted.

MegaSaw regards customer service as the most important part of business and we will guarantee our representatives are going to be courteous when you meet them. Our representatives are trained to be friendly and professional at all times and you shouldn’t expect anything less from them.


Firm Promises

Hate contractors that make promises and then change halfway through? Forget about those extended deadlines that tend to keep getting prolonged as each day goes by. MegaSaw ensures the project is done on the date it promises so the client gets what they required right away.

We will not establish false promises and waste your time and money. We value your time and will make sure it is not wasted by providing firm promises that are fulfilled. With years of experience, we are renowned for meeting our client’s expectations and fulfilling all of our promises and guarantees.


Reasonable Pricing

Want to get the right rate for your concrete drilling requirements? MegaSaw offers competitive rates that are better than what the market has to offer. If you are not satisfied with the rates, our representatives are always willing to sit down and provide flexible options.

Our goal is to have satisfied clients and we aim to do this by remaining flexible with our rates at all times. MegaSaw ensures all clients are getting a deal that is fair in the short and the long-term. The right price is out there and we will make sure it is with us.



The days of dealing with services who are after your money are long gone. Forget about dealing with a service that is not reliable, show up late, and don’t perform the task as expected. Those companies should be getting your business as they will waste your time.

Go with a reliable team that has years of experience and has been producing flawless results for a very long time. This is the best service in town and the only one you should be considering when it comes to residential or commercial concrete drilling needs. Concrete drilling for MegaSaw is all about the results and the client.

MegaSaw is a team of specialized professionals with years of experience under their belt and they continue to refine their techniques. Our service is reliant on producing high-quality results each and every time.

If you require flawless, aesthetic results from your concrete drilling, MegaSaw is the only option to consider.

You are going to be treated like royalty from the moment you make contact because we value your time. MegaSaw prides itself on both its customer service and quality control standards. Anything short of the best is not going to suffice with our professionals and we make sure we deliver for our clients.

Concrete Cutting: Why It’s Best to Hire a Professional

Concrete cutting can take care of sawing, drilling and removing pieces of concrete in a controlled manner, using saws that have diamond impregnated blades. It is important to note that concrete cutting is done by skilled workers with plenty of experience and that know exactly what they are doing.

In the past people used a jack hammer to get rid of this concrete, but this method left much to be desired. Concrete cutting leaves a smooth cut and finish and also uses water to prevent dust and mess. Concrete cutting knows several different specialties, such as core drilling, wall sawing and flat sawing.


A well-known technique in concrete cutting is wall sawing. This process cuts through openings such as windows and doors in walls of concrete. Most of these walls are no more than 30 Cm thick, yet there are cases in which the thickness can count up to 30 Cm thick.

Concrete wall cutting is usually done using a saw attached to a wall track. The saw itself is usually very large, with a size of 70 Cm and made with a diamond blade. Wall cutting requires knowledge, experience and skill and cannot be performed by just anyone.

Wall cutting can be used to

  • Cut openings in foundations;
  • Lower the elevation of a building; and
  • Remove the building’s foundation completely

This makes it clear that a lot of experience and talent is needed to get the job done perfectly. The service itself is therefore, understandably, more expensive than other services of its kind.

Some property owners find that it is easier, safer and even cheaper in some cases, to hire a concrete cutting contractor to perform wall cutting to cut into an existing foundation, as they are trying to build an additional basement. Doing this during construction is more beneficial than doing it after.

Another specialty of concrete cutting companies is core drilling.

This is another complicated process where holes are being drilled through walls and floors of concrete, which are perfectly round and usually have a diameter of 2 Cm to 30 Cm.

Core drilling for commercial buildings can lead up to holes of double that size. These holes are being used for electrical or plumbing, but also for heating and furnaces. Core drilling is less complex than wall cutting, but still needs experience and knowledge.

It is therefore advisable to hire an experienced concrete cutting contractor. This might save you money and time, by not having to correct any mistakes made by someone that is inexperienced. On top of that, core drilling is a lot less expensive than wall cutting and is usually done in just a few minutes by the right company. If you want to do it yourself, then you might spend an entire week trying to use the machinery and to drill the holes. A professional concrete cutter will make it look much easier.

Flat sawing is also a heavily used technique in concrete cutting. This technique is used to a flat surface, like a floor or pavement.

The machine that is used to cut uses blades of diamond and has a machine with an operator walking behind. For private properties, the average cutting depth is 15 Cm, but it is possible for this machinery to cut to a depth of around 80 Cm.

But what is this technique used for? Flat sawing is the ideal problem solver for pipes that are broken, as it is easy to reach the pipes with a nice and clear cut. It is also perfect to repair a sewer line or to add plumbing of a new bathroom in the basement for example. Demolition work can also be done with a flat saw, as it can break pieces easily and remove a driveway, patio and much more.

Flat sawing is the easiest of the three and can possibly be done by someone more inexperienced. However, it also requires a lot of time to do and you are much better off hiring a professional.

If you have any kind of concrete cutting tasks, it is better to hire a professional to take care of it for you. You might end up saving time and money in the end. Faulty construction can end up as a serious problem, causing you to lose even more money while trying to fix the problems.

At Megasaw you can expect the best service with a friendly and kind touch.

We are professionals with more than 20 years of experience. If you have a project in Melbourne, don’t hesitate to get in touch with us. We can help you with concrete cutting, concrete drilling and much more. With us, you can get your project done faster than you though possible. Call us for more information!

A Quick Overview of Concrete Cutting Tools

Cutting concrete requires highly specialised equipment and machinery. This is particularly true if you want to make sure that the concrete is cut cleanly and smoothly, with minimal waste.

Using the wrong tools could damage the concrete or make the job take much longer than it should. At MegaSaw, we specialise in concrete cutting and drilling, and have ten fully equipped vans available to cover your concrete cutting needs.

Safety Tips

Common Concrete Cutting Tools

Cut-Off Machines

We use several different kinds of machines for concrete cutting. The industry standard is the cut-off machine. This is the go-to tool for most small concrete cutting jobs.

A cut-off machine is a powerful hand-held saw that can be used to cut into asphalt, metal and concrete. Depending on the job that the cut-off machine is being used for, the tool can be equipped with a resin abrasive cutting wheel or a strong and sharp diamond blade.

Cut-off machines are usually powered by a two-stroke gasoline engine, but there are some variants that are powered by hydraulics, air compressors or electric motors.

If the concrete cutting job must be carried out indoors, then an electric cutter is the best choice because of limited ventilation. Electric cutters tend to be less powerful than gas powered cutters, but the safety of the person operating the tool should never be sacrificed for speed.

Diamond Chainsaws

Diamond chainsaws are more powerful than cut-off machines and are also able to make deeper cuts. Unlike cut-off machines, which cut across the material, chainsaws plunge deep into the material being cut.

The cut-off machine has a circular blade, and even a 14 inch circular blade can cut only 5 inches deep – less than half of the diameter of the blade. On the other hand, even small chain saws can cut up to 10 inches deep, while bigger saws can plunge as much as 16 inches into the concrete.

For most jobs, a gas chainsaw that can cut 12 inches deep is good enough. However, for the most demanding jobs there are hydraulic chainsaws with diamond blades that are capable of making 25-inch incisions.

Diamond chainsaws use long, narrow guidebars that allow people to make deep cuts with no overcut. It is easy to cut square corners with them – something that you cannot achieve with a circular blade. Diamond chainsaws can also be very precise, when used correctly, and can be used to make relatively small openings.

Choosing the Right Tool

At MegaSaw, we emphasize the importance of choosing the right tool for the job. It is not enough to simply purchase a large, heavy chainsaw if you want to make small cuts, for example.

Most people who are serious about their construction work will need both a chainsaw and a cut-off machine. At MegaSaw, we use the Husqvarna variety of hand saw, and we also have tools for core drilling, rock drilling, ring sawing and road sawing as well as wire sawing and diamond grinding.

In addition, we understand that after you have finished cutting your concrete you may have some waste material that may need to be removed.

Concrete is heavy and must be disposed of correctly.

We offer concrete removal services in addition to our concrete cutting services. If you have a major job that you need to get completed, get in touch with us today.

No job is too big or too small for us. We would be happy to work with you to discuss both your equipment and your service needs in person.

Concrete Cutting vs Concrete Drilling – A Comparison

Concrete is a difficult material to work with. If you need to cut, saw or drill into concrete you will need to use special drills and the right safety equipment. Here is a handy guide that will help you to make sure that your work with concrete goes as smoothly as possible.

How Concrete Sawing Works

Concrete saws come in two forms: cut-off machines and diamond chain saws.

Cut-off machines have circular blades that are good for cutting smaller pieces of concrete such as paving stones. These tools are light and easy to handle. However, they can only be used for smaller cuts, and tend toproduce some over-cut.

In contrast, diamond chain saws are able to cut much deeper, and can be used to make perfect corners with no over-cut. This means that they are much more versatile and are an ideal choice for both heavy duty jobs and jobs that require slightly more precision.

It is important that you choose the right tool for the job. Bear in mind that while cut-off machines have circular blades that can be quite large in diameter, the depth of the cut that the blade can make is dictated by how much blade is visible past the guard. The cut will usually be significantly less than the radius of the blade. For example, most 14 inch blades can only make five inch cuts, not seven inch cuts as you might expect.

How Concrete Drilling Works

Just as with concrete sawing, there are a few different kind of concrete drills. These drills can be divided into two types: impact drills and non-impact drills.

Impact drills work a lot like normal drills, except in addition to rotational force they use percussive force to speed up the drilling process. Because concrete is so hard, you must use special drill bits that are either made of a strong carbide, or have diamond tips. If you choose the wrong drill bit then the drilling process will take a lot longer, or you could end up damaging the bit, or, worse, the material that you are trying to drill.

Non-impact drilling uses diamond tipped drill bits instead of carbide drill bits. Non-impact drills can drill holes that are much bigger in diameter than the holes made by impact drills, but the drilling process takes a very long time. Because of the friction that is generated when drilling, non-impact drills must be cooled with water, and you will also need to use a vacuum cleaner to suck up the slurry that is produced by the combination of water and dust from the drill.

Some Final Tips

Whether you are sawing or drilling into concrete it is important that you clean up properly after the work is done. Many local authorities will not allow you to dispose of concrete in the normal garbage disposal system so you will need to arrange for the waste to be collected. There are a lot of specialist waste disposal companies that will do this for you, and the company that rented the drill or saw may be able to either do the disposal work in-house or recommend a company for you to call.

Be sure to wear the correct safety gear when you are working with concrete. Wear goggles to stop dust getting in your eyes, gloves to protect your hands and a mask so that you don’t accidentally inhale any dust.

If you are renting cutting equipment, choose the highest quality gear that you can afford.

Cutting into concrete can be hard work and if you skimp on equipment you are only making the job harder for yourself.

Remember that gas powered machines tend to be more powerful than electric ones. However, there are some occasions when an electric machine is a better choice. For example, if you are renting a machine for use indoors then you should choose electrical over gas to reduce the risk of carbon monoxide poisoning.

Gas powered machines are not safe to use in areas with poor ventilation.

In contrast, if you will be working outdoors far away from a power source, a gas powered machine is the logical choice.

Four Tips for Safe and Easy Driveway Concrete Cutting

Renovating a driveway can be a lot of hard work. These driveway concrete cutting tips will help you to ensure that the concrete cutting process goes as smoothly as possible, keeping you safe and minimising the amount of physical effort needed to get the job done effectively.

driveway concrete

Working with Concrete

Concrete is one of the toughest and most difficult materials to work with. It is hard and dense, and produces a huge amount of dust when it is cut into.

To work with concrete safely you need the right tools. You also need to be very patient, since cutting concrete is a slow process.

The following tips will help you to learn how to cut and break through concrete safely and neatly.


Choosing the Right Tools

If the concrete on your driveway is not reinforced, and if it is no thicker than four inches, then you can get away with using a sledge hammer – assuming, of course, that you don’t mind hard physical labour.

However, if you are cutting a much thicker surface then you will need more powerful equipment. You have several choices depending on the location of the concrete, its thickness, and the type of cut you want to make.

Most people use hammer drills, pneumatic jack hammers or electric breakers to cut up concrete on their driveway.

The first thing that you need to do is make an initial surface cut:

  1. Mark out the hole that you need to cut using some chalk;
  2. Cut along the line as deep as you can using a circular saw or a demolition saw;
  3. Start the breaking process

This initial surface cut helps to make the concrete a little easier to break through and also ensures that the final cut is as neat as possible.


The Final Cut

Slowly work with the tip of your cutting tool from inside the marked zone, chipping the concrete carefully along the saw line. To ensure that the cut is accurate, let the tool’s tip lean away from the section of concrete that you want to keep in place.

This will ensure that when the edges of the concrete crack, the concrete that you are keeping in place will be undamaged.

Work slowly and methodically until you have penetrated all of the concrete surrounding the saw cut. Then break up small chunks of concrete, bit by bit, until the demarcated area is broken down.


Safety Tips

Working on your driveway is fairly safe, but there are still some things that you should consider in terms of safety.

Be sure to wear steel toed boots to protect your feet, and wear gloves to protect your hands.

Exposure to concrete dust can cause various skin conditions, and there is always the risk of getting your hand caught by some flying chunks of concrete, or snagged by some tools.

Wear safety goggles, because concrete dust is not just irritating. Dust in your eyes can actually cause you to lose your eyesight.

Wear earmuffs or ear plugs to protect your hearing – especially if you are working with a powerful saw or a pneumatic drill.

Finally, wear a good dust mask – or ideally a respirator. Concrete creates a huge amount of dust when it is broken down, and inhaling that dust can cause both short term respiratory tract irritation and long term lung problems.

Once you have broken down the concrete and finished whatever work it is you need done, you will need to arrange to have the concreted disposed of.

Many companies that offer concrete cutting equipment which you can use for driveway concrete cutting also offer concrete disposal services.

It is a good idea to take advantage of those services instead of simply trying to dispose of concrete in your normal waste bins. Many local authorities will fine you if they notice that you are throwing away concrete in normal domestic waste because it causes issues with recycling or incineration facilities.

Do things properly from the outset to reduce the amount of stress and inconvenience you face, and ensure that everything is safe as well.

Top Safety Tips for Concrete Removal and Demolition

Concrete is incredibly dense and can be difficult to work with. If you are cutting concrete or engaging in demolition work and have concerns about how to safely remove the leftover or excess concrete, then you should consider working with a specialist firm to ensure optimal concrete removal safety. Depending on the kind of work you are doing, there could be a lot of potential concrete removal dangers.

Here are a few tips to help you stay safe when working with concrete.


Avoiding Dangers During Demolition

One of the main reasons why people need concrete removal is when they are engaging in demolition. It is common for concrete contractors to need to engage in demolition work, even if they are not primarily specialised in demolition.

If you need to do demolition work, then check first the structure you want to demolish:

  • Look for any unapproved modifications to the building’s original design;
  • Look for any changes to the design that may have been made during the initial construction; and
  • Check the entire building for unexpected weaknesses or problems that could cause a hazard during the demolition

Once you have finished the demolition work, be sure to clean up the concrete and remove it immediately. Leaving loose concrete lying around can pose a safety threat.

Concrete Removal Costs

Concrete removal can be quite expensive, especially if you have a large amount to remove. Depending on where the concrete is and what state it is in, you can have it removed in large slabs, perhaps to sell on to an architectural reclaimer, or you can break up the concrete into smaller chunks which can be disposed of in a skip or a waste bin.

Small amounts of concrete can be broken up using a sledge hammer or you can use a jackhammer to speed up the work. A 5ft by 5ft area can be broken up with a jack hammer in less than an hour, and is fairly easy to dispose of, but bigger areas will need more time and may need to be removed by a specialist.

Working with Concrete

It is important to note that working with concrete, especially if you are cutting it or breaking it up with a jack hammer, can be very dusty work.

You should always wear appropriate safety equipment, including overalls, sturdy shoes with steel toe caps, gloves, eye protection and a mask or a respirator.

Getting concrete dust in your eyes or inhaling it could be very hazardous to your health. It is common for builders and manual labourers to develop respiratory conditions later in life because of repeated exposure to dust. In addition, skin conditions such as dermatitis can also occur if you allow your skin to get covered in dust on a regular basis.

If you work for a construction company then they will provide you with personal protective equipment. If you are working on your own construction project then you will have to purchase the gear for yourself.

Do not skimp on protective equipment.

It is not worth losing an eye or putting yourself at risk of a lung condition because of something that could have been prevented with the right safety gear. Take concrete removal safety seriously from the moment you start work.

Be aware that concrete breakup and removal is hard work, and it can also be physically demanding. If you are not accustomed to doing manual labour then you may find that removing concrete is too much for you. Instead of trying to take on the job yourself you may want to bring in contractors to handle the job for you.

As you can see, concrete removal safety is a large and complex topic. The above are just a few of the things that you should remember. If you are not confident in your ability to cut out concrete slabs and process them safely then you should definitely consider hiring an expert to do it for you. It may cost several hundred dollars to have work done on a small yard, but it is worth the expense.

A good concrete removal firm can handle the job safely and quickly and ensure that the concrete is removed from the site promptly.

Most Common Concrete Cutting and Drilling Hazards and Their Solutions

The highly crucial projects involving concrete cutting and drilling come with different risks and hazards. Experienced people dealing with such projects understand those risks very well and are able to resolve them successfully.

Outlined below are some of the most common concrete cutting and drilling hazards along with their solutions:

a) Kick Back

This signifies violent or sudden movement of saws away from cutting surfaces, posing extreme risks for both bystanders and the operators. Different types of injuries may occur, including, bruises, fractures, cuts, and strains. Any contact with blade signifies lethal lacerations. There can be numerous causes for kickback, including the presence of unstable surfaces, embedded objects as pipes or wires, and cutting above the shoulder level.

Some of the precautions to minimise the chances of kickback include appropriate equipment selection and use of scaffold for projects over shoulder height. Careful consultation with the builders plan helps in avoiding embedded objects. Also, keep bystanders at a safe distance, away from an ongoing project and never circumvent or remove guards.

b) Inverted Cutting

It is important to take certain precautions related to inverted cutting to ensure smooth operations and keep hazards at bay. It involves cutting slab undersides, overhang, or floor. One should never undertake to do this using a hand-held saw since this affords little control on cutting machines present over shoulder height. Only, appropriately trained operators should undertake such projects that too using wall track-mounted saws. Never use water-cooled saws for such projects because water will flood inside the motor and create yet another hazard.

c) Noise Generation

Excessive generation of noise at the cutting site is another possible hazard. It may lead to damage of hearing because of extremely loud noise in short periods. Lower noise levels for lengthened periods may also create problems. It is important to implement control measures to keep the chances of damage to the hearing to a minimal.

For minimising or eliminating noise risks use saw noise-reduced blades, quietest blades and equipment, and gain information regarding equipment noise levels prior to purchase. Those who are not related directly to concrete drilling and cutting project should stay at least 7 m away from the job site. Use of hearing protectors is another precaution that can minimise the risks related to generated noise.

d) Gases & Dust

In order to deal effectively with gases and dust generation related to concrete cutting it is important to take the right precautions. While use of equipment for dust extraction and water suppression is ideal, it is not possible to apply them in all scenarios. If possible, use slower masonry and concrete drilling or cutting equipment, which generate minimal dust, if any. It is important to use respiratory guards at such project sites to keep health hazards at bay. Filter particulate respirators are a good choice since it gives protection against,

  • Dust
  • Fibres
  • Lead Fumes
  • Asbestos
  • Silica

Silica dust is a major cause behind silicosis, chronic problem that leads to scarring and stiffening of the lungs. While symptoms are quite slow to appear it ultimately leads to health degeneration of the patient. Carbon monoxide gas emanating from concrete cutting sides is extremely hazardous. This odourless and colourless chemical asphyxiates, causes unconsciousness, rapid coordination loss, and even death. Respirators covered by OSH regulations are ideal for use in such environments.

e) Manual Tasks

Manual tasks related to concrete cutting projects bring with them a variety of hazards such as static or awkward working positions maintained/repeated for long periods of time. Trip and slip hazards or violent reactions of a different equipment are other problems that may crop up anytime. Use of proper support frames can minimise repetitions and holding of static positions. Whenever possible, try using lighter equipment, reduction in movement range, proper safety training for operators, and pre-check blades and different components.

f) Electricity

One cannot emphasise enough the hazards posed by electricity during concrete cutting. Pooled water always increases the chances of electrocution; therefore, its removal with dry or wet vacuum cleaner is necessary. In order to go for wet cutting always use petrol engine, hydraulic, pneumatic powered equipment and try avoid using those powered by electricity. Any electrical portable equipment in use should have protection against Earth leakage. Regular inspection and tagging of equipment with trained technicians is crucial too.

g) Vacuum Pressure Loss

Those who use vacuum assembly for anchoring stands of core drills are open to injuries if slurry, fills in the vacuum pump, leading to vacuum loss so that drill stand breaks free. In order to avoid this the operator should utilise bolt stands at least whenever possible. Use of sound surfaces for use of vacuum attachment is necessary, and so is monitoring of equipment on a regular basis to ensure vacuum pressure maintenance.

How to Control Noise and Dust When Cutting Concrete

Anyone who’s ever tried cutting concrete will tell you that dust and noise are two of the biggest deterrents to the job.

Concrete dust containing silica and a variety of other hazardous materials can lead to severe breathing issues, and the high noise levels can damage hearing.

Fortunately, there are effective ways to control noise and dust associated with concrete cutting.

So what methods work best for controlling noise and dust? Dry cutting as everyone knows gives rise to large amounts of dust laden with silica, which is the single most health-damaging component of concrete dust. These abrasive tiny particles,

  • Damage the lungs of a person
  • Reduce the capacity to breath
  • Leads to chronic breathing trouble

Continuous exposure to silica may lead to lung cancer, tuberculosis, and COPD.

Dust and noise associated with concrete cutting at construction sites are a serious health hazard leading to respiratory illness and hearing loss to the workers.

One of the crucial engineering controls for minimizing the damage and developing a healthy environment for workers is the application of the wet method of cutting concrete. Studies indicate that the use of water in relation to concrete cutting can reduce the concentration of hazardous dust to a staggering 85%.

“The wetter the better” seems to be the motto when it comes to concrete cutting. This is an evidence-based finding, so it is completely dependable.

According to a recent research, respirable geometric mean concentration of dust through dry cutting is approximately 14.396 mg/cubic meter, which is 10 times more than wet cutting projects.
The use of water hose during concrete cutting reduces the amount of silica dust to just under 1.1 mg/cubic meter. Spray control on the other hand, allows only 1.2 mg/cubic meter of silica dust to escape to air.

Studies undertaken in relation to various tools for concrete cutting have thrown up startling results, but all seem to indicate towards one thing.

Based on OSHA regulations, one should never use concrete gas powered saws for dry cutting.
The only exception can be made in cases where the construction firm is ready to take the onus for a sampling to ensure that dust exposure never increases above the allowed limits.

However, by knowing the exposure levels related to various concrete cutting projects as well as in relation to two different types of equipment used, it is possible to take the necessary precautions.
Through the use of the right respirators, it is possible to keep dust and noise exposure levels to a minimum. Regularly using water controls with concrete gas powered saws is an effective and proven way to reduce respirable dust levels significantly.

Aside from ensuring the safety of the workers, firms also need to ensure the well-being of the onlookers and other people present on-site.

In addition to using the right methods for concrete cutting, preferably the wet one, it is important to use the right precautions to ensure complete protection from dust and high decibels.

Here are some protective measures approved by OSHA for ensuring the best results related to concrete cutting projects without compromising the workers health:

A. Use of respirators: Respirators offer the best protection against dust laden with hazardous silica. Proper training related to this protective equipment is necessary to ensure optimal benefits. It is the job of the project manager to ensure effective training.

B. Use of safety glasses: Use of proper safety glasses is extremely necessary to keep the eyes protected throughout the cutting process.

C. Good quality headgear: When you are protecting all the parts of your body during concrete cutting, it is important to consider a good quality headgear too. A hard hat forms a barrier against falling objects, so its importance should never be underestimated.

D. Proper hearing protection: Proper hearing protection, such as earmuffs and earplugs are another must have when it comes to concrete cutting sites. However, it is important to replace them on a regular basis to avoid chances of getting ear infection. Also, proper training in this regard is necessary.

E. Use of proper foot protection: The wearing of proper footgear is extremely necessary for protection against twisted ankles or abrasions of any kind. Over-the-ankle leather solid boots are a good choice.

Studies indicate that the use of wet cutting methods for concrete is the best way to keep workers safe from the hazardous dust.

However, for ensuring better control of noise, it is important to use high-quality equipment and maintain them in good order. This, along with the use of the right protection is a surefire way to maintain optimal construction place conditions.

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