Concrete Removal

8 Step Cutting Breaking Removing Concrete

Do you have a concrete cutting or removal project? Did you know that concrete cutting, breaking, and removal isn’t as easy as you may think? Please read below for more information. Breaking and removing street pavement to give way to a new concrete pavement is usually done by big-time contractors with the right technology and more »

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Concrete Recycling | MEGASAW

For many decades, the construction industry has regarded concrete as one-and-done construction material, something that needs to be disposed of entirely once its purpose has been served to satisfaction. Fortunately, all thanks to advancements in technology, concrete no longer has to spend decades in the landfill. Businesses, as well as the average construction company, could more »

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finding concrete removal service

Finding a good concrete removal service is difficult, especially if it’s your first time to hire one. There are different factors in making a decision. Bottomline is that a good concrete removal service has a good reputation, is experienced and insured.   Finding Concrete Removal Service The following are the best tips for finding a more »

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removing concrete slab

Breaking up concrete yourself might seem an impossible task, yet doing it yourself would save you a lot of money. You would not need to hire a removals company. Begin with confidence that you don’t need any special skill to demolish and remove concrete slabs. All you need is some careful planning, the right tools, more »

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concrete removal techniques

People usually choose to remove concrete when it is damaged and needs to be replaced. But this should be done after all options to repair has been considered. Plus, look at the total cost – now and in the long run. Think of just repairing the concrete, especially If it only has thin cracks   if more »

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