Concrete Sawing

Why Footpaths Have Gaps Between Them

We’ve all come across a footpath; however, have you ever noticed that they have gaps or lines in between them? Better yet, have you ever wondered why there are gaps or lines in the first place? These gaps are not placed in concrete footpaths for design purposes; rather, these gaps are intentionally added to help more »

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How Locate Drain Pipe Concrete Before Cutting

Many large-scale construction projects require an element of concrete sawing and drilling. However, have you ever wondered how this process is carried out? Before concrete cutting and drilling is carried out, many contractors perform concrete scanning, a process that uses non-destructive technology to detect underground debris that could potentially be damaged or cause damage in more »

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How Cut Straight With Concrete Saw

Cutting concrete is a tough enough job. It is even tougher to saw straight through a thick slab with a concrete saw. However, there are ways to make the work easier by using the right technique. So whether you need to saw straight on concrete slabs, walls, floors, etc, follow our easy steps to make more »

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Concrete Sawing And Benefits

Concrete sawing is fairly essential to the whole construction process. And because concrete quality varies with different types of projects, concrete techniques vary too. This means that different concrete cutting techniques are used for various purposes. Some of the factors that need to be considered when deciding what concrete cutting technique to use include the more »

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Concrete cutting purpose

It’s an unfortunate fact that concrete and asphalt can crack when they dry. This can be caused by the excessive water content of the concrete mix, drying too fast, thermal expansion and contraction, among other causes.  For homeowners, cracks in concrete can be an eyesore. What’s more, it can also deteriorate the concrete which can more »

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