Concrete Sawing

When, Where, and How to Make Saw Cuts in Concrete

Saw cuts are used to create control joints that can be used to control the cracking in concrete that often happens because of shrinkage. The right time to do the saw cuts should be when the concrete has enough strength but before the internal cracking starts. They should be done with predetermined spacing as well. more »

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In order to perform the perfect concrete saw cuts, you need to have the right gear, knowledge and practical skills. Concrete cutting is a precision job that can be quite demanding when it comes to delivering the best possible results. If you are planning a professional or DIY remodelling project that involves concrete cutting, familiarise more »

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Max depth concrete can be saw-cut

Diamond chainsaws and cut-off machines are the two most popular concrete cutting tools used in the construction industry. Hand sawing is a traditional concrete cutting method, but it takes a lot of time and effort. Plus, the depth of the cut is not often satisfactory. Following are some techniques that can saw-cut concrete to a more »

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Purpose of saw-cutting asphalt or concrete

Asphalt or concrete has to be handled properly in order to maximise results. This is why saw-cutting has become a highly anticipated solution among professionals and is well-regarded as the way to go. It offers a number of advantages and is often the best solution. Following is more about the purpose of saw-cutting asphalt or more »

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When Should Concrete be Cut with a Saw

There are many reasons why you may want to cut concrete with a saw. This can range from cutting into a wall to install a door or a window right through to the removal of an old concrete slab. However, one of the main reasons that saws are used to cut concrete is to actually more »

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