Rock Drilling

core drilling can save time and money

  Due to the changing economic climate, there are plenty of older, well-built concrete buildings that are being retrofitted and repurposed into other types of uses. In older industrial parts of the city, old structures are converted to loft apartments, small retail businesses, and restaurants. Doing these involves a lot of concrete core drilling, so more »

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Knowing how to drill a hole in concrete comes in handy. With it you can drill holes into your wall, you will be able to put up shelves, hand paintings and install lights with little trouble. Concrete Drilling Melbourne Contact us today or CALL 1300 920 419 for more info. Topics You Might Like: The more »

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heavy equipment drilling on rocks

Rock drilling is one of the main activities done in construction, especially if it involves large buildings. This is mostly a commercial activity which is usually done for varied reasons. From regular building constructions to the extraction of natural resources such as gas or other minerals, rock drilling is one of the specialisation areas. There more »

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