How Core Drilling Can Save Time And Money On A Retrofitting Project

Due to the changing economic climate, there are plenty of older, well-built concrete buildings that are being retrofitted and repurposed into other types of uses. In older industrial parts of the city, old structures are converted to loft apartments, small retail businesses, and restaurants.

core drilling

Doing these involves a lot of concrete core drilling, so that plumbing, electrical, and IT conduits can be installed. Let’s take a quick look at how this type of drilling can make working on concrete structures easier.

Most Older Warehouses And Manufacturing Facilities Are Shut Down

In many old cities, there are large sections that have been vacant, left in the aftermath of manufacturers relocating to other countries.

Good thing there are plenty of new companies that would like to get prime downtown locations that would love to move into the neighborhood. This has created a demand for retrofitting the older buildings into modern offices, lofts, artist studios, online offices, and restaurants.

For this to work, each small section of the building should have bathrooms, kitchens, plumbing and wiring and compliant to existing laws. This is where concrete drilling comes in. It allows pipes and electrical cables and conduits to run into every part of the building.

core drilling

In concrete drilling, a diamond-tipped hole saw is used to make round holes of several different sizes to accommodate each type of access. Of course, an architectural plan will have to be made, approved by the local inspector, and then followed to the letter.

Core Drilling Can Also Be A Lifesaver In Removing Sections Of Concrete

stone staircase

This is also needed when you’re turning an old warehouse into a couple of townhouse apartments.  Several staircases will have to be retrofitted into the structure.

One of the best uses of core drilling is to make core line holes in the thick concrete floor between levels and then connect the dots to remove a large portion of concrete. This makes concrete removal easier.  Even with space limitations, the core driller has enough room to maneuver.

core drilling

Another advantage of using diamond core drilling apparatus is that it makes precise cuts, making the job dust-free. With this, the activity won’t disrupt activities in an office or even a restaurant.

If you do have a project that is going to need lots of concrete core drilling it’s usually best to hire a professional concrete cutting company. That way they’ll have all of the right tools available and every imaginable bit to make them work without having to run to the store to purchase more.


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How to Drill into Concrete like a Pro

Knowing how to drill a hole in concrete comes in handy. With it you can drill holes into your wall, you will be able to put up shelves, hand paintings and install lights with little trouble.

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The good news is – you don’t have to be a pro to drill holes in a concrete floor or even the ceiling.

Before we start with the step by step process, it’s important to keep two things in mind;

Concrete is tough

Created by mixing different elements including sand, gravel, and crushed stone that are then bonded together using cement, concrete surfaces can be as hard as stone.

Even if you’ve managed to drill holes in brick walls before, this will be a completely different task.

Safety is key

Being a very hard material, You need to be ultra careful when drilling through a concrete wall. That’s why using a hammer and sharp object is a no-no. The debris coming off the surface could get into your eyes which can be traumatic.

That’s why safety goggles are recommended. If you suspect that there could be a lot of dust, you may also want to wear a dust mask. Ear protection may also be necessary as drilling job tend to be very noisy.

Step by Step Process of Drilling Into Concrete

Step 1: Get the right drill

To put a hole in a concrete wall, you’ll need a drill. It has to either be a hammer drill or a rotary hammer drill. A standard drill might work or the drilling/rotation might not be enough to break the concrete.

concrete drilling

Hammer drills work perfectly because it chisels away the concrete. Its rotary action can punch into the concrete. This double-action allows for faster drilling with minimal effort.

More importantly, the resulting hole is good.  This is in contrast to other drills that make holes that aren’t deep enough or off the mark.
Considering how important a hammer drill, here’s what to look for to get the right one: 

  1. Depth gauge
  2. Variable speed setting
  3. Good handle and grip

Step 2: Get the right drill bits

You need reliable drill bits to get  huge impact on the quality of the resulting hole.

Experts recommend the masonry bit. A masonry bit is specifically designed for rough jobs. The bit is made of stainless steel with the tip made from tungsten carbide to provide an even tougher cutting edge.

When connected to the drill, the hardened head continually bumps against the concrete surface, breaking it down.

The flutes of the drill will help push the masonry dust out and away from the hole. This is different from when using an ordinary drill, when you have to physically blow or push out the dust.

In terms of size, it depends on your project. Anything between 5 to 40 millimeters in diameter and about 39 inches in length will do the job well.

Step 3: Determine how big the hole should be

How big is the hole you need? And, how deep do you want it to be? This will also depend on your project.

A homeowner looking to hang a few art portraits on the wall won’t need overly large holes. The holes also don’t have to be very deep. If the portrait came with plugs, check the length of the plugs by placing the drill head beside the plug and measure the length.

Some machines have a depth setting or depth control bar wherein you can set the needed depth accordingly.

If your machine doesn’t have depth control, just mark the required depth with a pencil or masking tape. Then, attach the drill bit into the chuck and tighten.

Step 4: The Actual Drilling

concrete drilling

Start by marking on the wall where you want to drill. You can use a marker to mark a visible dot or an “X” sign on the spot.

Alternatively, use an old screw to make a dent on the spot. The screwdriver can also help you chip out a bit of concrete to give you the point of the drill when starting the drilling process.

With that done, place the head of the drill bit on the spot and start drilling. The rule of thumb is to start out slowly and maintain the right pressure. You can always increase the speed later. The pressure needs to be just firm enough to avoid slipping while allowing the drill to rotate freely.

Once the hole starts taking shape, you can increase the rotation speed and even apply more pressure. Since it’s concrete, don’t expect to be done within seconds. It will take time depending on the power of your drill and quality of masonry bits. Once you reach the required depth, stop the machine.

Know How to Troubleshoot

Sometimes drilling projects don’t go as smoothly as anticipated. Along the way, you might hit a beam which may be difficult to penetrate.

If this happens, insert a masonry nail into the hole and hammer. This can help break the concrete, making it easier for the drilling to proceed more smoothly.

If you can follow these steps, expect an easy time drilling. And to be more productive, choose the highly effective hammer drills and masonry bits from Megasaw.

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Megasaw has over 20 years of experience in the concrete cutting industry.We offer concrete sawing and concrete drilling services in Melbourne and across Victoria. We deal with both residential and commercial projects, and we use the latest tools for high quality construction work.

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How Using Air Powered Drills Makes MegaSaw Rock Drilling Services No. 1

It has been said that a workman is only as good as the tools he uses. There is some truth in this old adage, though the skills of the worker are clearly important too. At MegaSaw, we know from experience that the performance of the tools we use is the key element in the quality of the rock drilling services we provide.

Establishing a reputation for excellence is something that we have taken extremely seriously throughout our 40-year history. We have achieved this by taking a careful look at the quality of the tools we use. It would be wrong to believe that every company drills rock in the same way, with some providing both time and cost efficiency that is superior to others.

Our choice in using air powered rock drills has helped is to provide a service that boasts a consistency in the quality you demand and a reliability that makes meeting deadlines a certainty. But why is the role of air-powered drills so significant in our rock drilling services? And what are its qualities that place it above its hydraulic cousin?

What are Air Powered Rock Drills

air powered rock drilling

Air powered machinery is probably better known as pneumatic machinery, and uses the energy contained in compressed air as its power source. It’s pretty self-explanatory to be honest, but the technology is much more common than people think.

For example, every time you ride a bicycle you are benefiting from pneumatic technology because it is the air in the inflated tyres under you that is keeping you moving smoothly. Without it, the energy efficiency in a bicycle would fall dramatically, with considerably harder peddling needed to keep the wheels turning. Of course, pneumatic also relates to other gasses, not just air. Steam engines use high pressure water vapour (steam) to drive their parts as well as the helium in balloons too.

These drills are supported by a portable air compressor, which usually runs on the power created by a diesel engine. The air is compressed and pushed through tubing and into the drill, with the air forcing an element of the drill (known as the chuck) downwards. The chuck, in turn, forces the attached drill bit down and when the air has passed, the chuck lifts up again, allowing the bit up too. The rapid repetition of this action is what makes the drill-work break up hard surfaces.

Hydraulic machinery uses liquid as its power source. Think of an old-fashioned flour mill, with its huge water wheel on its exterior being turned by the water current in the river it dips into. Through this power, the wheel turns and through an intricately designed mechanical structure comprising shafts and cogs, a mill stone is turned to crush the wheat and powder into flour. A hydroelectric power station is a more modern example, with the power of water turning turbines to create electricity.

The Advantages of Air Powered Rock Drills

While hydraulic powered rock drills have for decades been a trusted option, there are certain advantages that an air powered rock drill offers that has convinced many of us to use them for our rock drilling services.

The key advantages this option provides include:

1. Greater Versatility

Our choice of air powered tools effectively allows us to deliver a higher quality service. The technology provides a precise drilling capability, which means we can complete a more complex operation that meets the demands of some very specific projects.

2. Strategic Drilling

An air powered rock drill is capable of creating very precise holes in hard or soft rocks as well as in concrete. This is particularly important when drilling in standing structures, such as bridges and buildings, where demolition is not required but where strategic holes are required to accommodate the installation of strengthening materials or corrosion prevention electrodes in concrete beams.

3. Greater Drill Efficiency

The Rate of Penetration (ROP) of air powered rock drills can be higher than that of rotary drills. In fact, up to 5 times greater ROP according to some estimates, and depending on the hardness of the material it is drilling through. This is down to the frequency that the bit impacts on the material – 40 times per second (pg 15) with air powered rock drilling. What is more, the system is more efficient because they remove rock fragments by the hammering motion – with tri-cone rotary drilling, for example, the fragments are pushed out between the heads, which can slow the drill down.

4. More Economical

With the ROP so good, the economical aspects of the air powered rock drill is also more impressive. Its efficiency means it produces at a higher quality in a shorter period of time, the drill breaks down less often and drill bits need replacing less often. What all this means is that costs are kept low, which is better for your budget.

Rock Drilling Services from MegaSaw

It is no secret that MegaSaw has built a reputation for high quality work, in everything we do. It’s a cornerstone of what we are about and in an industry that has developed so rapidly with a litany of technological breakthroughs, it is something we continually strive to maintain.

The use of air powered drills is an important part of our rock drilling services for the reasons put forward above. They allow us to provide a service that offers:

  • greater reliability
  • superior strategic accuracy
  • greater time efficiency
  • lower cost

The experience of MegaSaw as a company and the skills of our individual team members, will only get us so far. The rest is down to the effectiveness of the technology we use. It is why we are one of the most trusted rock drilling service providers operating in the Melbourne and Victoria State area and is used by clients from across the board – domestic, corporate, local authority and government.

For more on our rock drilling services, and how our expertise can be the solution to your drilling project needs, call us on 1300 920 419 and speak to one of our team. Or you can email us at with your query. We’ll be happy to help.

The Top 5 Reasons for Using a Professional Rock Drilling Companies

Rock drilling is one of the main activities done in construction, especially if it involves large buildings. This is mostly a commercial activity which is usually done for varied reasons. From regular building constructions to the extraction of natural resources such as gas or other minerals, rock drilling is one of the specialisation areas. There are different companies offering professional rock drilling services in Victoria, Australia.

heavy equipment drilling on rocks

Rock drilling companies have a dimension of work and can only perform tasks detailed in their definition of services. Some companies will drill water and oil wells while others perform directional drilling, vertical drilling or offer natural gas hydrofrack services. Other companies simply drill to blast/clear the way for other construction projects. Each company is limited by the definition of rock drilling services they provide as well as equipment and technology. When looking for such services, it is important to seek expert guidance and advice.

Importance of Professional Services

Whatever your drilling needs are, the process involves various risks and requirements that cannot be overcome without expert assistance. As opposed to hiring equipment and doing it on your own, here are five good reasons to use a professional rock drilling service provider.

#1. State-of-the-art Equipment

This is perhaps the most basic reason why professional services are your best choice when it comes to rock drilling. The procedure involves drilling through layers of solid rocks and soil. This requires high-power drilling machines and clearance equipment that are often very expensive to hire. Professional companies offering these services already have all the needed equipment to safely handle your drilling requirements. When the cost of hiring equipment and drilling without professional assistance is compared against contracting expert companies, the latter proves more profitable. These companies will not only ensure all equipment is available for drilling, but will also make sure you’re satisfied with the results. They know what to do in case their equipment malfunctions. Professional companies can seek backup from other associates to ensure the initial drilling agreement is accomplished despite some shortcomings.

#2. Work Quality

This is another vital reason why you need a professional rock drilling contractor. These companies have trained staff that provide knowledge and experience in various field situations. The personnel consist of vigilant professionals enriched with the latest technologies and skills in rock drilling. This is barely a one man’s work and therefore needs to be handled by a team of knowledgeable professionals who can quickly coordinate to ensure the process is carried out seamlessly. Thus working with a professional rock drilling company will most definitely guarantee top-notch results for you.

#3. Safety and Experience

Professional companies have profound experience in their work. This means they have learnt to modify and perfect the procedures to become safer and quicker. The end result can be guaranteed even before actual procedures commence. These companies are also bound by legal and statutory authorities such as OHSA. They therefore abide by the rules regarding standard procedures, assessments, agreements and safety requirements. They will conduct a comprehensive assessment of the area to be drilled and perform all checks as required by the law to prevent any form of injury. Those working on the site are provided with protective gear to ensure the whole process is safely accomplished.

#4. Reduced Business Risks

Whether you are drilling the rocks to construct a personal home or residential apartment, this activity is in some way a commercial venture. During drilling, accidents can happen. Fortunately, professional companies know how to deal with these contingencies. They are also insured, which relieves you from business risks such as accident compensations and other complications arising from the drilling process. The agreed cost in the contract covers all requirements and no additional expenses will be needed once the deal has been sealed. Experienced rock drilling companies often account for every expense in their contract to ensure everything is settled before commencing the work.

#5. Guaranteed Work Completion

When you contract professional services, it provides the guarantee that all agreed assignments will be carried out as required. This includes a guarantee that the specified service will be offered to the agreed extent and quality. Once the deal has been closed and drilling commences, you can be sure that the work will be completed in scheduled time. Using the services of non-professional entities cannot offer the same guarantee because they have no such accountability. Professional companies can re-do the work to your satisfaction. They also thrive on establishing lasting relationships with their clients. They are therefore most likely to offer their best services to maintain that relationship which is characteristic of any professional agreement. Unfortunately, the same cannot be said for non-professional services.

Drilling companies are common in countries like Australia, which is largely composed of islands and rocks. When looking to hire a rock drilling company in Victoria, Australia, consider factors such as company reputation, previous clients’ comments and opinions, price comparisons and referrals. These will help you arrive at the best rock drilling company that meets your specific requirements.


Rock drilling is one of the regular activities included in building construction, well construction and mining. The activity involves excavating layers of soil and solid rocks which may destabilise surrounding layers. This requires appropriate working and protection equipment as well as trained experienced personnel. It is important to seek professionals that meet your rock drilling requirements rather than embarking on this risky process without sufficient expertise. This way, you will be able to prevent risks and accidents as well as reduce time wastage.