Even buildings that won’t be made entirely out of concrete start out with a concrete foundation. This is because concrete is durable, inexpensive, and can be made quite beautiful. That’s why there are hundreds of concrete projects you can do.

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But on the flip side, concrete’s durability and strength make it difficult to change or remodel a building. This is where drilling concrete cores can help you. Here are some tips to take advantage of this process.

Concrete Core Drilling Uses and Advantages

Holes for Subterranean Termites

There are a number of instances when you need to drill holes in the slab. For one, when there are subterranean termites you’ll need holes and a special long-lasting insecticide pumped into the ground. This is to stop their movement towards the underground as they look for wood and other organic matter to eat.

While termites do not affect a concrete structure, they make tiny tubes and tunnels on the side of a building looking for food. They come up in the most inconspicuous places where they’re unnoticed and then infest everything from wooden studs to wooden furniture. Besides wood, they also feast on paper.


Holes for Bathroom and Electrical Wires

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You’ll also need to drill holes when putting up a new bathroom, need more electrical wires, or even conduits for more IT cables.


Holes for Plumbing Pipes

This also applies when you need to run plumbing pipes, especially when refitting an older manufacturing facility to turn it into office space. Plenty of new bathrooms, lunchrooms, and still more computers will are needed for the upgrade. Luckily, concrete can be re-fitted when necessary.

Core Drilling Is Often Used To Remove Large Sections Of Concrete

Large concrete saws are too difficult to manoeuvre in small spaces so concrete core drilling is used to make rows of holes. This is called line drilling.

After all the holes are drilled, the smaller connections between them can be removed, without the need to ruin the entire building. This happens when for instance, you need to install a staircase between concrete floors.


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If you have a big project that seems too big for you there are quite a number of competent concrete core drillers in most areas. Just make sure they come highly recommended and read online reviews before choosing a concrete core drilling specialist or a concrete cutting company. Better to tap professionals for the job. They have the necessary tools and experience to do a good job.