Like every other machine tool, Diamond core bits for core drilling have some associated problems and here are a few major issues that operators should be concerned about when working with these core drilling machines.

Reasons The Core Is Not Drilling Properly

  • The hardness of the material is beyond the core drill’s application range.
  • A blunt diamond impregnation can prevent proper drilling and you can alleviate this problem by sharpening the abrasive material or the grinding stone.
  • The core might not drill properly if the speed is too high and this can be solved by reducing the speed.
  • Water flow that is too high can adversely affect drilling
  • Insufficient machine power is another major issue and in that case one is required to have a more powerful replacement.

Wearing Out Of The Diamond Segments

    • The insufficient flow of water often blunts the diamond segments and an operator must ensure that a diamond core bit always gets an ample supply of water.
    • Diamond segments may also become worn from high feed or contact pressure and operators are required to be careful about maintaining an optimum limit.
    • Excessive vibration also blunts the diamond cores and this is best prevented by properly tightening up the screws and applying the correct settings.
    • For abrasive drilling materials it is always a better choice to use harder core bits with suitable segment specifications.

Wearing Down Of The Core Bit Barrel

  • The core drilling systems are not always sufficiently anchored and it is always better to use threaded rods and dowels for proper anchoring and this can considerably reduce barrel wearing.
  • This can also be caused by lack of water flow
  • The core bit must be properly positioned on the motor chuck. Otherwise the barrel might suffer considerable damage.
  • The core bit barrel can become worn if the motor shaft is not turning smoothly and in a scenario like that it is important that it is replaced or repaired as soon as possible.

Apart from the wide number of issues that we have already mentioned above, the diamond core bits used for core drilling job can have several other problems and issues like loosening up or breaking down of the diamond segment, the core bit can get jammed inside the core, cracks appearing on the core bit barrel and also inward or outward bent segments. With proper knowledge of operation and proper maintenance all these issues can be solved and the machine can be operated without any kind of hiccup.