warning sign on a concrete demolition site

As reliable and established contractors we are always concerned about the wellbeing of our personnel, the environment and the importance of safety to those in the vicinity of any concrete cutting or demolition work. This is achieved by employing qualified artisans and providing adequate training for them before allocating tasks on job sites. A further aspect is that training must be ongoing, with efficient supervision in every project. Our philosophy is that with highly, efficient personnel, greater and more effective focus will be given to the overall protection and personal safety, thereby minimising risks to passersby as well as occupational hazards. It has always been part of our social responsibility to adhere to proper procedures in waste management and the environmental procedures we carry out.

As concrete cutting and demolition contractors, we are regarded as specialists in the art of destruction. Despite the seeming ease of this occupation to a layperson, it is in fact a challenging expertise that requires careful planning, in order to cut concrete and destroy structures with inherent safety for everyone and the environment. By selecting the appropriate cutting and demolition method, we are able to safely demolish a structure, with trained efficiency and the least amount of disruption to communities.

Traditional and other demolition processes

The crane and wrecking ball is recognised as one of the oldest and most commonly used methods for building demolition, or concrete cutting. We are able to isolate a particular section of a structure, for lowering to ground level for further breaking up or transportation to a dump site. Controlled demolition jobs are completed with the maximum of safety and can generally be achieved with standard concrete sawing techniques and equipment. Cutting concrete with a water jet helps to:

  • Minimise the amount of dust in the atmosphere
  • Reduce vibration
  • Clean up the site with the addition of a water-catching system during the jetting procedure

As and when necessary, blasting methods using explosives are employed which use rapidly expanding gases restrained in boreholes, for the purpose of producing controlled fractures in concrete for easy removal of the material. In general, the blasting methods we use are efficient and provide a safe and secure means of removing significant volumes of distressed or deteriorated concrete materials. Because of the inherent dangers in the handling and use of explosives, blasting is regarded as the most dangerous. It is therefore subject to more stringent controls than other methods of demolition.

Safety is the primary consideration

Whatever process of demolition is used, or size of the job, the safety of those working and passersby within the vicinity of the project, is treated as a matter of primary importance. Among the various key considerations taken into account are:

  • Any potential effects to community services
  • Protecting electricity, gas facilities, water and any other services attached to a structure
  • Appropriately capping facilities as and when necessary
  • Electricity or other lines required to help with the demolition process must be approved heavy-duty materials and be kept adequately and safely protected along an obvious and recognised route
  • Within the structure, the movements of people are catered for with designated routes for example: by way of agreed doorways and stairways; or specifically designed walkways
  • The removal of debris is also planned and catered for, with all horizontal and vertical openings completely blocked, for the purpose of protection from the potential of any falling materials

In any type of business operation, it is generally recognised that the question of safety is the first priority, irrespective of it being a concrete cutting and demolition site, or a normal retail outlet. The safety and wellbeing of personnel and passersby within the vicinity are entitled to conduct their everyday lives in a safe environment which means: there is no allowance made by us for even slight errors.

Equipment criteria

The equipment used for concrete cutting, shaping and demolishing are extremely large and powerful and it must be regarded as critical that all persons in their vicinity are provided with the best available safety and protection from any possible occurrences. Therefore, to meet the demands of communities in which we operate and those of our clients, we have established and proven strategies in place for the provision of a safe and environmentally-friendly concrete cutting and demolition work site operation.

We consider it essential that anyone working with concrete cutting, or even remotely associated with any aspect of demolition work, is made aware of the potential health hazards and take the necessary precautions to avoid serious risks to their health. In the case of passersby, we believe in taking every possible precaution to ensure their safety and protect them to the best of our ability.