Ring saws are very effective cutting tools for cutting through concrete and other construction materials. 

They can also be used to create entrances in brick walls and can also be used in confined spaces or any locations that are hard to reach. 

Here is what you need to know about ring saws and why they are an effective cutting tool. 

What Is A Ring Saw? 

It’s a handheld variation of a band saw. It doesn’t have a flexible and oblong shaped band like the band saw. However, it has a circular and rigid band. 

The blade on a ring saw is abrasive and not toothed like a band saw. Ring saws are manufactured that way because of the brittle and abrasive coating. 

It’s also a good way to prevent flexure when being operated since the ring has a constant radius as a circle. 

When Is A Ring Saw Often Used?

Since they are handheld, ring saws are used to cut any areas that aren’t accessible using road saws. 

Also, they are used in areas that need deeper cutting, compared to what a hand saw can offer. 

Additionally, they are used in precision cutting to prevent pipes and concrete from being damaged and overcut. 

A ring saw can be used to cut through any material such as granite, stone, marble and acrylic. 

During construction, ring saws are mostly used for creating small openings through brick or concrete walls. 

As such, these holes can be used to create door frames, windows and ventilation spaces. 

What Are The Advantages Of Using Ring Saws 

1. Portable 

They come in a compact size and are very lightweight. Therefore, they can be carried easily from one area of operation to the other without any hassle. 

Even better, they can be transferred to different construction sites effortlessly. 

2. Powerful 

A ring saw can be used to create a cut with at least 275mm in depth. Therefore, they can be used for cutting through any thick concrete or brick walls without any problems. 

As mentioned, ring saws can be used to cut through any of the materials mentioned above, most of which can’t be achieved with regular saws. 

3. Precision Cutting

Ring saws can be used for precision cutting. They can be used to cut corners or make right angle cuts effortlessly. 

Even better, you can count on clean cuts with these ring saws. 

If you need to make sharp cuts in particularly large concrete blocks, stone or brickwork or any other construction material with ease. 

4. Confined Cutting

With other types of saws, it’s quite difficult to cut in confined and restricted spaces. 

Since ring saws are fast, they offer precision cutting that can be used in any confined spaces without fail. 

You don’t need to worry about damage or overcutting when cutting any material in a confined space with a ring saw.

5. Quick And Precise

Ring saws are quite popular in numerous construction sites because they are quick. 

With some types of saws, it’s hard to cut through the material and may result in damage if you continue using the saw. 

However, ring saws offer a quick cutting option, improving overall productivity among many other benefits. 

6. Less Dust

Since they work so fast, ring saws are often used with water to cool down the blade. 

Therefore, they don’t create a lot of concrete dust when being used to cut through the material. 

It’s a much cleaner method of cutting that offers many benefits when it comes to cleaning. 

Final Thoughts

In conclusion, ring saws are frequently used in construction sites because of the benefits they offer. 

They are known to cause less injuries and offer cleaner cuts than other types of concrete saws.

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