Have you ever wondered how tree roots can be removed from concrete? It is not uncommon for tree roots to grow under concrete. This is particularly common for footpaths or trees growing in concrete plazas.

However, there are different ways that tree roots can be cut out from concrete. This is done to prevent any further damage they may be causing to the concrete. 

If you want to learn more about how to treat tree roots under concrete footpaths, then please keep on reading.

Tree Root Invasions

As previously mentioned, it is not uncommon for tree roots to grow under concrete. While tree roots rarely cause major damage to foundations, they can create other signs of damage. These include:

  • Cracks in the foundations of your floor. 
  • Vertical cracks in the foundations of your wall.
  • Cracked or shattered windows. Often, there is no other evidence of trauma.
  • Uneven window and door frames.
  • Buckling on the surface of your floor.

Other factors such as erosion of soil under your home are also particularly noticeable. Tree roots can even reach your plumbing by slowing the flow of the drains or worse still,  completely clogging them up. This can create changes in the water pressure and overall damage to your underground pipes.

Tree roots affecting footpaths is another common problem. This can cause problems such as creating cracks or bumps across the concrete and buckling in the concrete’s surface, creating safety hazards for pedestrians. 

Because of this, concrete cutting is an important job to help remedy these various issues. In fact, there is actually more than one option when it comes to cutting out a root that is under concrete.

Treating Tree Roots Under Concrete Footpaths

Treating Roots Under Concrete

There are different ways of treating concrete embedded tree roots depending on what the issue is. Particularly for footpath issues, there are various techniques you can perform.

One technique is known as shaving. Tree roots are capable of lifting concrete slabs. To remedy this, you can shave down the slabs multiple times until the sidewalk thickness cannot support the weight of pedestrians. This is an inexpensive technique and is commonly used first to even out buckled and cracked footpaths. 

Another method of shaving is by using asphalt to level the uneven sections of the footpath. However, using asphalt on a concrete footpath is not very aesthetic.

Slabjacking is also another method to consider. This involves putting concrete under high pressure so that the lower side of a lifted slab causes the slab to lift upward and become level with the lifted section of the adjacent slab. 

Placing the footpath over a geogrid and gravel base is an alternative as well. This is done by placing a geogrid mesh on top of the roots then covering it with gravel and finally pouring concrete on top. This method has become particularly popular and common in recent years.

Similarly, using reinforced concrete is another way to treat trees under concrete. This is done by using rebar or wire mesh before re-pouring concrete slabs. 

Using thicker concrete, particularly 4 to 6 inches, is also common to ensure that the footpath does not break or lift. For best results, this is used in conjunction with the reinforced concrete method as previously shared above. 

Treating Tree Roots Under Concrete Footpaths 2

It is important to note that while there are options to cut the roots of the trees, this is often not encouraged unless you plan to remove the whole tree itself. This is because cutting out the roots will render the tree unstable and prone to causing more harm than good in the long run. 

As such, other methods as discussed here are more recommended to perform if ever a tree encroaches on concrete.


There are various methods and techniques you can perform for tree roots that are embedded under concrete footpaths. Most of these techniques involve levelling off uneven concrete slabs or simply reinforcing it with layers and thicker concrete.

Generally, it is not recommended to cut tree roots since this will make the tree unstable and potentially cause further hazards in the future.

As such, it is important to consult with a skilled and experienced professional who will be able to provide advice on how to fix concrete sidewalks affected by tree roots.

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