Concrete grinders are specialised tools which use abrasives to grind or polish. They are very useful in:

  • Removing concrete work flaws or glue
  • Making rough spaces smooth
  • Getting rid of protrusions or formwork seams, paint spills, and bad concrete jobs

There are various concrete grinders but for this article, we’ll look at hand-held grinders. Usually, they are the smallest concrete grinders and can be an extremely important, dynamic grinding tool for concrete demolition companies.

hand-held concrete grinding tool

Incredible Benefits of Hand-Held Grinders

1. Can be used to Roughen up Surfaces

Most handheld grinders are popular for smoothening out rough surfaces before concrete or any other coating is applied. However, they can also be used to roughen up surfaces when your walls and floors need some coating.

2. Effectively Removes Defaced Items

Hand-held grinders are better suited to these projects and jobs:

  • Graffiti or worn murals wither painted on walls by some teenagers
  • Floors that need smoothening
  • A home’s defaced parts that have to be removed

3. Can Access Difficult to Reach Places

Often, standard sized concrete grinders cannot reach difficult locations in a home or building. Hand-held concrete grinding tools on the other hand can:

  • Work in vertical structures, standard concrete pulverisers never work on vertical structures
  • Fit into tiny spaces like those areas right by or before the walls

4. Lightweight Tools

Hand-held concrete grinders are usually between 5 and 9 inches. This makes them very portable and easy to use for getting rid of concrete work blemishes. Most concrete grinding tools are heavy and often unable to access some difficult areas. But with hand-held concrete grinders, it’s easy to:

  • Carry them around
  • Reach difficult places

Disadvantages of Handheld Concrete Grinders

A. They Aren’t Suited to Large Projects

Most hand-held concrete grinders, while useful for small sized projects and small spots, aren’t effective for large areas. To work on a large area or space, you will need bigger concrete grinding machines. Hand-held concrete grinders are also ineffective for profiling large areas of concrete, unlike bigger walk-behind machines.

B. No Vacuum or Dust Collector

Bigger concrete grinding machines often have vacuums or dust collectors. Some of them even have a water dispenser to minimise dust released from the grinding. Concrete dust often contains high amounts of silica, harmful to workers’ health because they can cause:

  • Silicosis
  • Other respiratory diseases

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