How deep can ring saws actually cut into concrete? It not so much the saw that matters, but what it is you’re cutting. Please read below as we explore this topic further.

Saws are useful machines that help to cut tough surfaces such as concrete. The modern-day saws are robust and allow people working on projects to make cuts with a lot of precision.

You will come across a wide variety of saws when it comes to concrete sawing, and ring saws are undoubtedly one of the best saws in the industry.

They are useful for projects where you need to make cuts in confined spaces such as corners.

When ring sawing, it helps to know how deep they can cut for you to decide whether they are suited to your application or if you need a different type of saw.

Before going into the depth these saws can cut, it is essential to point out what makes them a suitable option.

What is a Ring Saw?

Ring saws are handheld and thus making them suited for places that a regular saw cannot access.

They help to make deep cuts in such confined spaces since the space limitation makes it hard to get these cuts with a regular hand saw.

They also help to achieve precision cutting and can cut through stone, granite, marble, glass, and acrylic among others.

The typical application of a ring saw is when there is a need to create small openings through concrete, such as windows, frames, and ventilation among others.

Benefits of Ring Saws

Ring saws are small in size while still offering a significant amount of power needed to make cuts. They can typically make cuts of up to 275 mm deep.

They are used for making cuts in the most confined places with a lot of precision. These saws are known for their clean cutting experience in that they are used with water to keep the blade cool.

This way, they do not produce as much dust as other types of saws making your working area clean and reducing the risk of inhaling the particles.

Ring saws are bumped and not toothed making them comparatively safe. They cut through the action of the abrasive age generating friction against the hard surface.

They also work by spinning the circle blade meaning that they do not vibrate, making them better to handle when cutting.

Choosing the Right Blade

There are different types of blades you can use on your ring saw, and they all determine how deep you will cut, among other factors.

Abrasive blades are ideal for applications that require a lot of precision, but they produce a lot of dust. They heat up quickly and might not offer you the power needed to make very deep cuts.

They are not suitable for jobs that take a long time. Wet blades are fast and clean. They use water to cool the blade as indicated above, and this reduces the dust produced when cutting.

They allow you to complete the work faster since you do not have to worry about the dust produced and the blade heating up. Note that you need a special type of ring saw to use this blade.

Diamond blades are arguably the best for making deep cuts. They are durable and can cut through any material.

If you are looking to make deep cuts or handle projects that take a lot of time, diamond blades are your best option.

Ring saws are a great option if you are looking to make deep cuts in confined areas.

You will enjoy several benefits by using them over the traditional hand saws, and if you have a project, consider using them, and you won’t regret it.

Always remember to uphold safety precautions when using ring saws for your projects as these machines are dangerous when misused and can cause serious injury.

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