Megasaw Concrete Removal and Demolition Service in Melbourne

Where can I find concrete removal near me?

Well, look no further! We can help you with your search for reputable concrete removal companies in Melbourne.

Megasaw has over 20 years of experience providing concrete removal services in Melbourne. We are experts in drilling, sawing and concrete removal. We deal with both residential and commercial projects, and use the latest tools for high quality construction work.

MegaSaw ranks among the top concrete removal companies in Australia. We specialise in the demolition and concrete removal Melbourne, particularly within the metropolitan area.

We have the equipment, expertise and experience to handle any concrete cutting, wire sawing, core drilling and removal job. We take on jobs of varying sizes, ranging from small residential jobs to full-scale commercial projects.

Machinery and Equipment Descriptions

Megasaw can provide various methods to remove your unwanted concrete and brick, from skid steer loaders and trucks to manpower with trolleys in tight situations. All masonry waste we remove is placed into recycle bins then taken away to be processed.

Reasons to Get the Help of a Concrete Removal Melbourne Specialist

In addition to needing a concrete removal specialist for the complete demolition and removal of a concrete structure, we can assist you with the removal of concrete walls in homes and office buildings to utilise your existing space.

Smaller spaces can be opened up to create larger contiguous areas. New doors can be cut in concrete panels to provide better access to existing areas. Garden beds can also be formed in concrete driveways and paved areas by removing a section of concrete

MegaSaw technicians take extra precautions to ensure they don’t damage any surrounding structures during the concrete cutting and removal process. MegaSaw technicians also take the time in installing protection for windows and floors every time they work on a project.

At MegaSaw, We Use the Most Technologically Advanced Concrete Removal Tools

MegaSaw uses petrol, electric and hydraulic driven road saws and hand saws to cut areas of concrete into manageable blocks so they can be removed by either forklift, bobcat, or by hand and placed in concrete recycle bins and be taken off site. The concrete slurry is then vacuumed up and the site is left clean.

Environment-Friendly Concrete Removal

At MegaSaw, we take pride in being an environment-friendly contractor. We do our part in reducing the amount of material that is placed in landfills by ensuring that all recyclable materials are actually being put to the process. In addition to being conscious of the environment, we also complete your projects efficiently and at a reasonable price.

Trust Megasaw

MegaSaw has been providing the Melbourne area with concrete cutting, concrete drilling, and concrete removal services for more than 20 years. In this time period, we have amassed a large number of satisfied customers. Unlike most other concrete removal companies, we have the latest equipment and skilled operators that can handle any concrete removal job. We have a $20,000,000 damage coverage insurance policy to give you additional peace of mind. MegaSaw services the entire state of Victoria and we travel interstate for major projects.

When we create price quotes for Melbourne concrete removal jobs, we take into account the size and thickness of the concrete to be removed and the accessibility of the work area. We also consider whether petrol fumes will be problematic and whether work needs to be done in closed quarters. Work is generally performed during normal working hours but our specialists are willing to do overtime work for jobs that are time sensitive.

MegaSaw is the “concrete removal near me” you have been looking for. We are proud of our experience and expertise in all aspects of concrete removal, cutting and drilling.

TRUST MegaSaw with your concrete removal needs. Call 1300 920 419 or send an email to for more information.