MEGASAW Ring Sawing Services in Melbourne

Megasaw has over 20 years of experience in the concrete cutting industry. We are experts in concrete drilling, and ring sawing. We deal with both residential and commercial projects, and use the latest tools for high quality construction work.

For your ring sawing needs in Australia, always get in touch with MegaSaw. We are the right business for you. All of our employees and specialists are dedicated to delivering great service for you.

Moreover, our team of experts are experienced in ring sawing. So, you can be assured that you will have an impeccable and outstanding customer experience.

MegaSaw has many years of experience when it comes to concrete cutting, core drilling and wire sawing. Our work within the industry has enabled us to expand our knowledge and specialty. Skills and competency continue to improve and this helps us give excellent customer service.

We use the highest quality tools and machines that contribute to our success. At MegaSaw, we stay one step ahead of our competitors by ensuring the tools we use are as good as the service we provide. With MegaSaw, you can be sure that your project will be as successful as you wanted it to be. With 10 fully serviced vans in Victoria, there truly is no job too big or too small for us. We are solely committed to a positive outcome and we guarantee that we will never leave a project unless you are 100% satisfied with its result.

MegaSaw is proud of its experience and expertise in all aspects of concrete cutting and drilling.

Cutting depths up to 300mm deep

Machinery and Equipment Descriptions

A handheld saw used after hand sawing to cut to depths and thicknesses upto 300mm.

Power options: Petrol, Hydraulic and Fumeless High Frequency Electric.

If you are interested to know more about our Ring Sawing services, CONTACT US or CALL US 1300 920 419 for a quick response within 24 hours.


Clients are fully updated and notified with service


Clients are fully updated and notified with service


Clients are fully updated and notified with service