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Concrete Scanning Services in Melbourne

There are many things that a construction company needs to consider when they are working on a project, such as utilities, potential obstructions, and the materials they will use.

Underground structures or obstructions can turn out to be a severe issue hindering the progress of the construction project.

That is a significant reason why you need high-quality concrete scanning.

Megasaw is a leading company when it comes to providing advanced concrete penetrating scanning services that help to reduce these risks during construction.

We try to make your workplace safe with our concrete scanning services.

Accurate Details

Our team provides detailed scanning results, thanks to our accurate tools and state of the art equipment.

We understand that construction is a challenging job, and it requires accurate details at every stage.

That is why you can rely on us because we can deliver the most precise information to help your team finish the project without any problems.

We use high-end scanners that help us stay ahead of our competitors.

In addition to the scanners, we also use GPR systems that not only reduce the cost but also the risks involved with construction because we want to deliver a safe working place for you.

Megasaw offers non-destructive testing that helps to locate things like metal, steel, concrete, and plastic.

concrete scanning services

Advanced Technology

We are at the forefront of the latest modern techniques to help with our scanning process.

Our trained technicians receive electromagnetic energy pulses from concrete using ground-penetrating radar technology.

We have highly efficient scanners that can go as deep as 300 mm of concrete with ease.

X-ray Concrete Slabs

Our GPR tools send out high-frequency electromagnetic pulses to scan a particular area.

As soon as we finish the scanning process, we obtain the results including the images which allows us to confirm if there is any underground obstruction or not.

In addition to GPR, we also use some of the advanced x-ray concrete slab scanners that help to locate obstacles without disturbing your construction project.

We only use radar-based technology so that we don’t spread any safety or health hazards around the worksite.

We ensure that no one gets harmed in the immediate vicinity due to our elaborate scanning process.

Starting from electrical wiring, conduits, electrical cables, structural steel, water pipes, to various other objects, our x-ray machines can identify potentially everything that may impact the construction project.

Utility Locating

This is another one of our specialities where we use both radio detection and GPR techniques to scan concrete.

You should get in touch with us so that our team can deliver detailed information about any obstructions that may create a hindrance during construction.

We always provide precise details that help make the work area safer.

Concrete Imaging

We have highly experienced field experts who can scan almost any type of concrete slab.

Our equipment has a special boost function that helps them to get a stronger aerial signal. This helps to obtain better and more powerful signals from the incoming electromagnetic waves.

We have the experience of working in locations that don’t offer too much space to scan the concrete. However, our aerials can pick up the electromagnetic waves using these powerful antennas.

We also provide 3D images of the concrete slab sections that we scanned. This will help you understand the diameter and depth correctly.

MegaSaw specialises in concrete scanning services, and that has made us the leaders in this industry.

If you require any help related to concrete scanning, Megasaw Concrete Scanning is here for you.

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