Our Work

  • YMCA Aquatic Centre YMCA Aquatic Centre

    Megasaw has just completed a sensitive project up at Ballarat.

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  • Abi group Abi group

    West Gate Bridge outbound strengthening project core drilled holes

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  • Bovis Lend Lease Bovis Lend Lease

    Ericson Building Docklands various concrete cutting and drilling

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  • Brookfield Multiplex Brookfield Multiplex

    The Quays Apartments Docklands form rebates for hundreds of

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  • Fitzgerald Constructions Fitzgerald Constructions

    Core drilled 750mm dia holes 800mm deep through the concrete wharf to allow for the

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  • Savcor Art Savcor Art

    Drilled holes into concrete beams to allow for the installation of electrodes

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