Core Drilling Techniques, Applications and Available Tools

If you want a perfect round shaped hole in a horizontal or vertical concrete object, then core drilling is the way to go. Core drilling is a process of using core drills to cut holes in any concrete surface. If you want the same thing done on a construction site, then you first need to know how it can help you.

There are different types of methods and tools that are used for core drilling. The concrete surfaces are hard and drilling in them requires power. However, cutting perfect holes on the surface is even harder, provided you follow a correct method. This is where the core drilling can help. Once the drilling process is done, the concrete can be removed from the wall to get the perfect holes. To remove large amounts of concrete from solid objects, core drilling is used to create multiple holes in the surface first and then the concrete is removed. There are many different uses of core drilling.

The drilling is needed for setting up heating facilities, plumbing, electric lines, and a lot more. The core drilling techniques are used to create the different sizes of holes in the concrete walls of buildings, as per the need. It is readily availed for all kinds of underground works, too. Installation of phone lines, water pipes, and drain lines; these chores require heavy amounts of core drilling. This is why construction workers rely only on the best tools and equipment for any core drilling job requires holes with a diameter of 1-2 meter to get accurate results.

Depending on the job type and the required results, different techniques of core drilling are used by the workers. Rotary core drilling is one of the most commonly used methods. It’s needed to make perfect holes in rocks and concretes. There are both dry and wet drilling methods that are used according to the surface. The hydraulic and electric core drilling methods are commonly used in construction sites. The hydraulic method is used when large and deep holes are needed in a concrete surface. The electric core drilling is mainly used for setting up electric lines, plumbing, and gas lines.

The hand held and mounted drills are the primary types of core drilling tools. Other tool types include mini electric drills and large electric drills. The mini hand held core drilling tool is perfect for small projects like installing a cable inside a house or office. However, for larger holes, mounted drills are used. A professional core drilling service offers tailor-made solutions to a wide ranging drilling need.

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