Keeping It In Shape: Concrete Home Remodeling Ideas

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Are you considering a concrete home remodeling project? Are you worried about how it’ll turn out?

Have you ever wondered how home remodeling works? What happens behind the scenes?

You’re right to be concerned. Home remodeling is both confusing and stressful.

But the great news is, all you need is the right information to have a successful home remodeling project! With this, you’ll have a project done on-time, on-budget and minus the stress.

The secret to a good remodeling project is to know how remodeling works.

There are unwritten rules, government regulations and challenging personalities that affect the success of any remodeling project.


Home Improvements is a Smart Investment

Home improvements is a smart investment, producing a better place to live and increasing the property’s long term value.

home improvement smart investment

Here are a few key benefits that can come from home improvements:

  • Additional space.
  • Upgrade cabinets, appliances and fixtures.
  • Improvements to suit your lifestyle.
  • Improved energy efficiency.
  • Increased resale value of your home.


Most popular home improvement projects:

  • Kitchen Remodeling
  • Basement Remodeling
  • Bathroom Addition
  • Kitchen Remodeling
  • Bathroom Remodeling
  • Master Bedroom


Home Remodeling with Concrete

Concrete has found its way out of the garage, and it is slowly making its way into your house. It is the new workhorse of home remodeling, and we’d recommend you to priorities it in your next home remodeling project.

Concrete Hand Saw

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The remodeling ideas you’ll have in using concrete inside your house will blow your mind. And the durability of concrete remodeling will fill you with delight.


Here are a few advantages of concrete home remodeling:

  • It is highly durable, affordable, and fireproof
  • You can model concrete to fit into any shape and space in your house
  • Concrete can be painted, polished, embossed, or stamped to suit your home decor


Concrete Home Remodeling Ideas for Outdoors

Take a look at your outdoors setting. Does it need a facelift?

Whichever exterior style you want to achieve – be it modern or classical – concrete is an excellent material for the redesign. Because of its versatility, concrete is our number one material that we recommend for exterior redecoration.

You can use it for patios, paving, fire pits, and attractive outdoor counters.

man laying patterned brick pavers

Best of all, your exterior will not look greyish and dull. Concrete can be stained and textured to look exquisite and unique. Additionally, it is so much easier to mould concrete into various shapes compared to any other material.


Indoors concrete remodeling ideas

1. Kitchen

Concrete remodeling can transform your kitchen into something you would be immensely proud of.


Kitchen countertops

Using concrete to redesign kitchen countertops is cost-effective. The concrete is made in just one pour, meaning that you’ll not have to worry about water leaking into joints and cracks.

Kitchen countertops - concrete home remodeling ideas

With concrete, you can opt to have a unique shape for your countertop, not the usual  rectangular shape.Concrete can be moulded into your desired shape, giving your kitchen a truly unique look.


Kitchen sinks

A concrete kitchen sink?

Yes! Especially if you decide to change the countertop’s surface with concrete too.

Kitchen sinks - concrete home remodeling ideas

The countertop and the sink can actually be made into one continuous unit complete with exceptional additions such as a built-in soap dish and trivet.

A concrete kitchen sink is low maintenance and has extended durability. And you can also design it to blend with your existing kitchen décor.


Fireplace hearth

I am sure you don’t want your fireplace to look like a slab of concrete. But here’s the good news. You can use concrete remodeling on your mantle and get it stamped to look like bricks or antique stones.

Fireplace hearth - concrete home remodeling ideas

Other than looking attractive, concrete absorbs and retains heat, which it then releases ever so slowly. It will keep your house warm, long after the fire has died.


2. Flooring

Concrete is not just for the pathway leading to your foyer. It can also be a trendy choice for your rooms’ flooring.

When used for flooring, you can choose different finishes – different colours, aggregates, stains, and even textured surfaces. You can also have concrete floors buffed into a glassy look.

Flooring - concrete home remodeling ideas

Concrete floors will delight you. They are cost-efficient, easy to clean and more durable. You will only need the occasional dusting and wet mop to clean the floors and they are resistant to scratches and scuffs.

Additionally, since concrete absorbs and retains heat, you will be drastically saving on your energy bills.


3. Concrete Bathroom Ideas

Concrete doesn’t have to be grey. If you are thinking of using it in your next bathroom project, you are on the right track.


Concrete bathtubs

If you yearn for a bathtub that looks truly unique, natural, personalised and with a lot of character, a concrete bathtub is the way to go.

One advantage of using concrete in remodeling your bathtub is that you can make it as small or as big as you want. You can also have it personalised into whatever colour, texture and shape, which cannot be done with pre-made factory bathtubs.

Concrete bathtubs - home remodeling ideas

A concrete bathtub is also easier to maintain. When installed properly, it will not only be waterproof but also stain-resistant.


Concrete shower walls and flooring

Your conventional bathroom wall and floor is plagued by a number of challenges on a daily basis. These challenges range from humidity changes, water concerns and staining agents that spill and splatter.

However, with concrete bathroom floor and walls, your bathroom can withstand the toughest handling and environmental hazards.

Concrete shower walls and flooring - concrete home remodeling ideas

And with new concrete staining tactics, you can use concrete not only as a utilitarian wall and flooring alternative, but also as a beautiful part of your interior design.

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Going Green With Concrete

A lot of homeowners are turning to concrete remodeling not just because it is chic and unique, but also because it is an environment-friendly remodeling material. Concrete is often manufactured locally, which means it takes less energy to have it delivered to your place.

The sand and rock that go into manufacturing concrete are renewable resources. Further, its extended life means that you need to remodel again for decades. And when you get tired from all the concrete cosiness, the concrete can easily be ground and reused – for instance on a sidewalk.

In addition, concrete is often manufactured locally. This means it would need less energy to deliver it to your place.

Given its advantages, we at Megasaw – concrete cutting experts in Melbourne, highly recommend using concrete for various home remodeling projects. And there’s no one better suited for the job than us.

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