Concrete Drilling

core drilling can save time and money

  Due to the changing economic climate, there are plenty of older, well-built concrete buildings that are being retrofitted and repurposed into other types of uses. In older industrial parts of the city, old structures are converted to loft apartments, small retail businesses, and restaurants. Doing these involves a lot of concrete core drilling, so more »

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Drilling fluid properties when it comes to rock formations are typically straight forward. Lubrication and carrying capacity are important in this activity. The fluids have to carry the cuttings from a borehole and serve as lubrication so that the tool won’t get damaged.  Maintaining the viscosity level is enough to carry the cuttings from a more »

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Concrete is, arguably, the backbone of any construction project. Regardless whether the project is an impossibly tall skyscraper or an ornamental concrete wall, concrete can be found in all areas of the project. If you look at any property, you would find some form of concrete used, particularly as surfaces. Concrete is preferred because of more »

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