Due to the changing economic climate, there are plenty of older, well-built concrete buildings that are being retrofitted and repurposed into other types of uses. In older industrial parts of the city, old structures are converted to loft apartments, small retail businesses, and restaurants.

core drilling

Doing these involves a lot of concrete core drilling, so that plumbing, electrical, and IT conduits can be installed. Let’s take a quick look at how this type of drilling can make working on concrete structures easier.

Most Older Warehouses And Manufacturing Facilities Are Shut Down

In many old cities, there are large sections that have been vacant, left in the aftermath of manufacturers relocating to other countries.

Good thing there are plenty of new companies that would like to get prime downtown locations that would love to move into the neighborhood. This has created a demand for retrofitting the older buildings into modern offices, lofts, artist studios, online offices, and restaurants.

For this to work, each small section of the building should have bathrooms, kitchens, plumbing and wiring and compliant to existing laws. This is where concrete drilling comes in. It allows pipes and electrical cables and conduits to run into every part of the building.

core drilling

In concrete drilling, a diamond-tipped hole saw is used to make round holes of several different sizes to accommodate each type of access. Of course, an architectural plan will have to be made, approved by the local inspector, and then followed to the letter.

Core Drilling Can Also Be A Lifesaver In Removing Sections Of Concrete

stone staircase

This is also needed when you’re turning an old warehouse into a couple of townhouse apartments.  Several staircases will have to be retrofitted into the structure.

One of the best uses of core drilling is to make core line holes in the thick concrete floor between levels and then connect the dots to remove a large portion of concrete. This makes concrete removal easier.  Even with space limitations, the core driller has enough room to maneuver.

core drilling

Another advantage of using diamond core drilling apparatus is that it makes precise cuts, making the job dust-free. With this, the activity won’t disrupt activities in an office or even a restaurant.

If you do have a project that is going to need lots of concrete core drilling it’s usually best to hire a professional concrete cutting company. That way they’ll have all of the right tools available and every imaginable bit to make them work without having to run to the store to purchase more.


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