hiring the right concrete drilling contractor

Concrete drilling is a specialized task that is best handled by professionals. You have numerous choices for the job on hand.

There are many companies which specialises in concrete core drilling. All have professionals, tools, and gadgets that safely drill concrete core.

This is necessary to prevent collateral damage. Improper use of the equipment may damage it and/or affect the strength of the whole concrete slab.

Checklist in Hiring Concrete Drilling Contractor

To be sure you’ll get the right concrete core drilling contractor, here is a solid checklist for your reference.


Company’s Experience

The most important thing to look at is the company’s experience.  This covers not just the number of years but also the type of projects the contractor has handled.

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One way to check the company’s experience is to look at the company website. Don’t forget to search for their name online so you can evaluate their reputation and experience.

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Equip with Latest Technology and Equipment

Moreover, make sure the contractor has access to the latest technology and equipment so that you are confident that they would the job safely and efficiently. These have become easier to achieve considering the modern equipment available now.


Again, you can refer to the company’s website to check on the equipment they have. And make sure that they have the necessary licenses to do the job.



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As far as the cost is concerned, you will find a variety of rates from various drilling contractors. To make sure you get the most value, get quotes from a number of reputable contractors and compare the quotes. But don’t just get the one with the lowest quote. Price, reputation, expertise and experience should all come into play in choosing the right one.