All seasoned core drilling services know that an excellent project results from drilling machines used. That’s why they invest in the best hydraulic core drilling or electric core drilling machines, depending on their predisposition. Choosing the right drilling machines is crucial to the success of your projects. Here’s why:

Right Machines, Precise Job

The truth is you can use other machines to drill concrete holes. But the result can be completely unsatisfactory. A hydraulic core drill can give you the precise hole and circle.

The same goes for an electric core drill. Depending on power outages, these machines can be used interchangeably, to produce the results you so ardently desire.

Hire the right core drilling service with the right equipment to take care of things.

Gets the Job Done Quickly

Here’s a quick scenario:

  • You have an electric core drill
  • You need to drill a hole underground or somewhere

The problem is there’s no:

  • Access to electricity
  • Backup battery
  • Power for your core drilling equipment

Would you wait until someone

  • Goes into town to get battery/backup?
  • Finally sets up a circuit that will power your drill?
  • Fires up the hydraulic core drill to do the job without delays?

Chances are it’ll be the latter. Why is that? It gets the job done.

The point is hydraulic core drills can get the job done faster than electric ones. You need the right equipment to do an awesome job.

Drills Specific Hole Measurements

construction site with core drilling job

Sometimes, you need a 16mm hole. Other times, you may need holes as big as 1m. To get these precise measurements, you need core drilling machines that

  • Accurately measure hole sizes
  • Drill with precision, so holes are neither excessive nor too small

Machines that aren’t built for this job description will

  • Do a poor job
  • Also cost you more to pay your contractor, and redo the job
  • Have negative consequences for a bad drilling job

Your supposed savings won’t be enough to damage your reputation or put people’s lives at risk.

Getting the right machines is non-negotiable, if you want an excellent job. Get the right core drilling services, too.

MegaSaw has the machines and experts with technical skills set. We do awesome jobs for your drilling projects. As leading drilling specialists in Melbourne and all of Victoria, we’re the best for your flawless drilling project. Call us now at 1300 920 419 or email us at for more information and a no-cost drilling consultation.