Factors to Keep in Mind Before Buying A Wall Mounted Saw

Wall mounted saws are very effective when there is a need to cut concrete at high heights and flat surfaces. Hence, for creating a clean and precise cut, selection of a wall mounted saw packed with modern technical features and featuring a portable design is necessary.  A highly efficient and versatile wall saw, is certainly a worthwhile investment. However, buying a wall mounted saw involves weighing several important factors as discussed below:

Easy Portability and User-friendly Design

An important consideration when buying a wall mounted saw is its design and versatility. It should be lightweight and designed to be portable, and it should also be easy to store when not in use. Read the mounting features very closely and find out the limitations and benefits it offers when it comes to performing concrete cutting on a bench top surface. Mounting features should provide complete flexibility to mount it at various heights. New modular models are easier to install and use, because they have user friendly controls as compared to several models that are bulky and complex to operate.

Power and Efficiency

For optimum performance of the wall mounted saw during cutting, a continuous water supply plays an important role. For this, it is necessary to buy a wall saw with a water cooled electric motor. Wall saws with this feature are very low weight and deliver remarkable power to the spindle. For seamless performance and control, make sure you purchase one which comes with a high performance two-speed water-cooled gearbox

Blade Type

Another important factor to consider is the versatility of the saw. It is easier to make a wide variety of cuts in length with a wall mounted saw that comes with a T-shank jigsaw blade and replacing the blade should be quick and easy.

Type of Motor

When making cuts on materials with different hardness, a variable speed motor provides better productivity since switching to a different speed for each type of material is easy.  These

machines can be used to create a precise cut for door openings, ventilation channels, window openings, dovetail cutting, special cutting, flush cutting and various diverse applications of concrete cutting.

Blade Guard

There are different makes and models of saws available on the market that come with various blade guard settings. Replacing the blade should be relatively easy for contractors. Don’t forget to read the technical specification on the type of blade, which needs to be used with the wall saw. Blades with various diameters should easily fit with the saw to complete cutting in complex places and precise cutting of various material types.

Remote Controller & Display

Don’t forget to check the features of the remote control which gives you complete flexibility in operating the wall saw at a safe distance. Have a look at the technical features and check for the longest distance from where you can operate the saw and examine the size of the LED display. The technical specs are important  in ensuring the you will purchase a machine that will give you complete control over the sawing process as it provides detailed information about the power level, operating time, current, pressure and service period.

Ease of Maintenance

Finally, an important factor to consider is the ease of maintenance of the saw. Unless the saw is long-lasting and resilient, it will not be a good value for money.  For further convenience, it often comes with a dust port that can be attached to the shop vacuum for keeping the space clean and improving visibility. Thus, it should be extremely convenient and simple to maintain and clean a well-chosen wall mounted saw.