Are you relatively new to concrete cutting? Do you need a few tips and tricks to help you get the best results? Luckily for you, this article provides some tips to give you all the help you’ve been looking for!

Concrete cutting is a dangerous job, so there are a few precautionary measures that you must keep in mind when cutting concrete. All of these measures should be carefully considered before carrying out the job. 

Please keep reading below to learn about our 10 most helpful tips for efficient concrete cutting.

1). Choose The Right Concrete Cutting Saw For The Job

There are multiple varieties of concrete cutting saws, and picking the right one depends on the project at hand. For example, if your project requires the cleanest and most precise cuts, a diamond saw maybe your best choice. 

If your project requires large-scale concrete cutting, a walk-behind saw may be the best option. If your project intends to make sharp cuts in reinforced concrete or create clean corners, a handheld saw might be best. As such, make sure you know what cuts your project requires and what tools can deliver these cuts.

2). Use A Wet Blade To Control Dust

If your project requires cutting concrete in indoor areas, reducing dust is of utmost importance to prevent health and safety hazards. Wet concrete cutting is the perfect solution for dust reduction by dampening dust to prevent its transmission through the air. However, make sure to choose wet saws for the project, and ensure that there is a water source handy.

10 Helpful Tips Efficient Concrete Cutting

3). Check The Amount Of Water 

Make sure to check the amount of water that is flowing into the concrete area you are cutting. Too much water can force the blade out of control and slurries could flood the place. If there isn’t enough water, you may end up wearing out the diamond blade quicker. 

4). Be Gentle

Don’t push the blade too hard into the cement when cutting the edge. Rather, allow the saw to cut on its own as you cut through the concrete. If you use too much pressure, the cement cutting process can actually slow down. The blade will also wear out a lot quicker. 

5). Work With Trained Operators

If you aren’t alone and are working with other people using a concrete saw, make sure that they are trained properly. This is to avoid deadly, dangerous, and expensive mistakes from occurring from people who aren’t skilled or trained enough to safely handle concrete cutting saws. 

6). Check For Possible Hazards

Before cutting, check the worksite and locate possible gas, water, and electrical lines. If there are plumbing and cables, ensure they are disconnected from the mains before cutting concrete. You should also check if there are steel reinforcing bars in the concrete and whether its removal will have an impact on the structure’s stability.

7). Keep A Spare Concrete Saw On Hand

You can never go wrong with having an extra concrete saw in good working condition on hand. This will be helpful in the event that your current concrete cutting saw suddenly breaks down or is damaged. 

8). Have A Few Varieties Of Blades

One blade won’t always do all the work, so having a selection of blades can help match the different concrete cutting phases of the project. These extra blades may even act as substitutes for blades that have broken or are worn down.

10 Helpful Tips Efficient Concrete Cutting

9). Cut A Test Area

Before you use a diamond blade to create precise cuts, try testing it out on an abrasive or inconspicuous area of the concrete. This can help wear out or remove the protecting coating on the blade so that you can create cleaner and thinner cuts. 

10). Inspect The Cement Blade

Don’t make the mistake of using a dull blade. Make sure the blades are in optimal working condition to prevent dangerous accidents from occurring and to give you the best results.

Final Thoughts

Concrete cutting can be tough, but there are multiple ways that you can carry out a safe yet efficient concrete cutting job. With these 10 helpful tips, you can be sure to carry out a concrete cutting project easily, safely, and cost-effectively. 

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