Concrete surfaces and structures don’t last forever, so the need for skilled and properly qualified concrete cutters is pretty high wherever that popular building material is prominent. But as is the case with almost all trades, a debate rages over whether it is better to hire local professional concrete cutting services or to go to larger companies based further afield.

On the face of it, the obvious answer is to go to the biggest one. The company with the best equipment, biggest budgets and greatest resources, but in fact this is not always the best choice. Hiring locally-based concrete cutters with a proven track record often satisfies the basic criteria best when making such choices.

concrete cutting using hand saw

At MegaSaw, we have always valued our role as local service providers, even though we have grown since first embarking in the sector, to become a leading name much further afield. Why have we retained our local-focus? Because we are so much more than a local concrete cutting service.

5 Reasons you Should Hire Local Professional Concrete Cutters

1. A Good Local Reputation

For any professional operating in a local area, the priority is to build a positive reputation. It’s why every consumer expert advises shopping around. There is also more than one option out there and when it comes to choosing between them, a reputation for things like quality of work, meeting deadlines and even personal skills, can be the deciding factors.

Checking out the reputation of a local professional concrete cutter is pretty easy, with a few different avenues to take (though we would recommend taking them all)

  • Check out their website – competitive, top quality companies have top quality websites.
  • Check with the relevant trade associations – your choice of concrete cutter should be affiliated to an association. For example, MegaSaw is an accredited contractor with the Concrete Sawing and Drilling Association of Australia (CSDAA).
  • Check the company background – contact the local chamber of commerce for any complaints they may have received about the company
  • Seek first-hand recommendations – talking to someone who knows the local operators from first-hand experience is the best thing to do. Their recommendation is gold so, ask friends, family and workmates who have had work done on their concrete driveway or walls.

2. More Affordable

There is a tendency to expect that local professionals – whether they are concrete cutters or another tradesperson – charge higher rates because they are smaller operators. However, this is not always the case. Remember, international and regional companies have bigger budgets and larger teams working on their projects, which means more resources to call upon. Local operators have to compete with that and for that reason, have to be affordable. They have to be highly efficient too, with smaller teams working on individual projects but with experience and high-quality tools ensuring the best job is done. And because there is always more than one competitor in the area, the rates have to be more affordable, the operation has to offer some flexibility and value for money has to be extremely high.

3. On Hand for Emergencies

By definition, local concrete cutters live in the general area, so they are perfectly placed to come to your aid whenever there is an emergency. Most types of damage to concrete take a long time to manifest themselves. For example, chemical damage caused by leaching or the corrosion of metal reinforcement bars can take months or years to show. But there can be sudden damage too, such as cracking caused when a heavy object falls over onto it, or if there is an accident involving a major impact on a concrete surface.

Of course, even when concrete gradually degrades, there comes a time when it’s now or never and immediate attention is required. Perhaps the damage is weakening an overall structure (say, in a wall) or makes everyday living or working impractical. A local professional concrete cutting service provider can get to the site, cut away the damaged area and have everything ready for the offending space to be filled in again. With many providers (such as here at MegaSaw), emergencies can be dealt with overnight if necessary, and a 24-hour turnaround can be guaranteed.

4. Building a Relationship

One of the great advantages with hiring a local concrete cutter is that a positive working relationship can develop. Local operators know the area, know the people and tend to take a genuinely amiable approach to working with clients. And because they are professional, they are not satisfied with delivering anything less than the highest standard quality of work – every time.

From your point of view, it’s a win-win situation. Not only do you get a high quality of work from a professional that you know you can trust, but you are also hiring someone who is close by and can be approached whenever their services are needed.

5. Accredited with Progressive Association

You might wonder how finding a local concrete cutter that is accredited by a national or international body can benefit you. Well, it’s not so much the badge they can show off, but the value that being a member of that association or federation has to the services and expertise they offer. For example, many progressive associations provide

  • Training schemes – so their members’ skills are always up-to-date and relevant
  • Quality ratings – so their members’ quality of work is kept consistently high
  • Best practices guides – so their members adhere to standards in a range of areas
  • OHS advice – so their members’ personnel adhere to safety regulations

What is more, associations often provide a list of recommended service providers in specific states, cities and localities. Here is what the CSDAA does for the concrete cutting sector.

Also, the International Association of Concrete Drillers and Sawers (IACDS) is an umbrella organisation representing professional concrete drilling and cutting service providers in nine countries, including Australia. They list the main advantages of choosing only professional services, whether for large or small contracts.

Concrete Cutting Services from MegaSaw

At MegaSaw, we’ve been providing concrete cutting, drilling and removal services in Melbourne for more than 20 years. Yes, we are one of the most trusted professional concrete cutters in the city, the state of Victoria and beyond, but we retain the same local values that has been the key to our success.

We provide the complete concrete service for Melbourne, using the most advanced concrete cutters, from road saws to hand saws, to ensure the greatest efficiency, both in terms of cost and time. We also include environmentally friendly concrete removal as part of our service, meeting our responsibilities to the environment and ensuring a clean site greets our clients after we’ve left.

If you are interested to learn more about our stone and concrete cutting services, concrete wall sawing services or concrete removal services, please call 1300 920 419 or email for a quick response within 24 hours.