Cutting pavers and installing them are no small tasks. If you do not have technical know-how, then it’s better to hire an expert paver or landscape professional. However, if you want to do it yourself and add elements to your landscape, then these tips will surely help you.

preparing and installing paver

1. Make Sure Your Base Preparation is Good

Your base preparation is your foundation. You have to do this right. If not, you’ll find your pavers pushing out. They will become unsightly and hazardous.  You could trip over them.

To start off, use sand instead of stone dust. Stone dust is difficult to drain and tends to break apart after a while.

On the other hand, sand drains well and firmly interlocks pavers.  This makes your pavers look even.

2. Use Appropriate Tools for Cutting Pavers

Important tools required for cutting pavers are:

  • Rubber mallet
  • Diamond-bladed saw (if you can find one)
  • Hammer
  • Chisel

Mark a paver and then cut as needed.  For your tools and equipment, or if you require cutting paver expertise, feel free to contact us.

3. Use the Pavers at Once

Most people cut pavers before they use them. This results in:

  • Wrong sizes
  • Putting stress on the surrounding stones
  • Fractures and breakages

To avoid waste, cut pavers and use them right away.

4. Learn and Understand Types of Paver Edging

Paver edging is excellent for certain scenarios. Determine which edging is best for your landscape. They are:

  • Concrete mow strip
  • Strip edging
  • Masonry unit edging
  • Stone edging

Most people use any edging for their projects. Don’t make this mistake. Each edging serves a specific function.

Get in touch with landscaping experts. They will explain each edging and which would be best for your Melbourne yard.

5. Always Consider Soil Conditions

Ignoring your soil’s condition is bound to affect your pavers.

  • Learn about your soil, drainage and terrain
  • Identify which one you have and its effect on your paver installation

Take your time learning.  It will make the difference between pavers that last or not.

While DIY projects are good, they can be costly if you make mistakes. Instead, let an expert handle your paver cutting and installation. Contact us today and we’ll make sure your pavers come out looking great.