Concrete Removal

concrete removal preparations

Concrete Removal Health Risks Concrete demolition, removal and disposal pose health and environmental risk to you and the neighbourhood. For concrete removal, the risks include:   IRRITATION OF AIRWAYS This is caused by the dust (airborne particles) produced during concrete removal. An irritation can exacerbate conditions such as asthma and other disorders of the airways. more »

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warning sign on a concrete demolition site

As reliable and established contractors we are always concerned about the wellbeing of our personnel, the environment and the importance of safety to those in the vicinity of any concrete cutting or demolition work. This is achieved by employing qualified artisans and providing adequate training for them before allocating tasks on job sites. A further more »

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save on concrete removal

Jobs like having to break up and remove segments of concrete is a huge task but getting rid of the concrete is another problem. The first thing that has to be determined before any concrete removal job is taken on is determining if there is a need to break up and remove the concrete. It more »

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rescuers on earthquake rubble

Over the centuries, thousands of natural disasters have left their scars on communities. Of the types of disasters, the earthquake remains one of the most destructive, especially in urban areas. As a result, concrete cutting solutions are a core response feature. There can be no doubt about the degree of destruction caused by an earthquake. more »

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