MegaSaw has been offering concrete drilling and cutting solutions for 40+ years now. They use cost effective and safe methods for masonry products and concrete related services. Aside from this, the company also contributes towards a greener environment through successful recycling of concrete, ensuring complete peace of mind for their clients.

With MegaSaw coming to the aid and ensuring proper disposal of on-site debris, making significant savings is not difficult.

Cost savings with MegaSaw concrete recycling:

  • Savings on transport to landfills, at the rate of $.25/ton per mile
  • Savings on disposal costs at $100/ton

As time passes, the costs of using landfills already overburdened with debris are becoming quite expensive. In such situations, the construction industry has no other option but to look for alternatives to deal with concrete debris successfully, so that they do not become an unnecessary burden.

Today, landfills remain heavily regulated, so naturally, the debris related to land clearing, construction and demolition has become a big headache for everybody related to the real estate industry.

MegaSaw understands the situation very well. They are always looking for ways to minimize the hassles for their clients.

The good news is they have developed a viable method of dealing with this problem, while doing something for the environment at the same time.

Recycling of concrete waste is how they managed the problem. This solution produced the best results for their customers.

Concrete Recycling Process

Do you think that recycling concrete is a complex and expensive process? With MegaSaw at the helm, everything becomes smooth, quick, and highly affordable. Their use of the latest technologies signifies fast solutions in keeping with specific project needs.

Over the years, the company has made a conscious effort toward incorporating state-of-the-art equipment and methodologies, with focus on environmental issues.

Naturally, they emphasized the use of a simple concrete recycling process, which is both time and budget friendly.

For example, when it comes to recycling pavement concrete debris, the process involves breaking the pavement, removal, and crushing of the concrete slabs.

The crushing process turns big slabs into materials of specific quality and size for ease of recycling. Now it becomes possible to reuse the crushed concrete as aggregate in concrete or other structural layers.

In general, people tend to use it in combination with virgin aggregate for new concrete use scenarios. However, it is important to remember that the maximal use of recycled concrete is in the form of sub-base layer aggregate. MegaSaw uses both formats based upon specific situations and client requirements.

Developments in modern technology have led to advancements in the recycling process. MegaSaw is quick to jump on the chance to use them as quickly as possible.

After all, it signifies an economical way to deal with various concrete pavement types. Some of the technology inputs available from the company include the following:

  • Concrete pavement breaking for continuously reinforced, mesh-and-dowel, or plain
  • Mechanized steel removal for minimizing hand labor
  • Crushing equipment application & use for accommodating steel reinforcement

Recycling of Concrete Pavement

Recycling of concrete pavement is MegaSaw’s forte. They offer the best solutions for all types of pavement recycling. This includes use of latest recycling technology for

  •   Plain Jointed Pavement
  • Continuously Reinforced Type
  • Reinforced Jointed Pavement
  • Airport Pavement

Use of high quality equipment ensures that the company is able to recycle concrete pavements of high thickness, including those that are 17 inches or more. Recycling involves transportation of concrete debris to a recycling plant. But many times, they also use portable machinery for on-site green disposal of concrete.

The MegaSaw Benefits

Do you know why concrete waste poses such a big threat to the environment? The simple reason for this is that concrete debris is never biodegradable, not in any shape, form, or way!

So, while over the years, it may gradually crumble pitiably, it still sits as it is in place or at landfills for times to come. Can you allow this to happen to your environment? What about the substantial costs involved in transportation to the landfills in the first place?

MegaSaw takes its concrete disposal responsibility seriously. They will never allow Mother Earth to clutter up unnecessarily.

Consequently, when you are dealing with this company, you will be able to reap all the benefits related to concrete recycling the successful way.

Concrete recycling is the energy saving endeavor when compared to various mining processes or transportation related to new aggregates. Use of recycled material in new constructions is another cost-saving proposition that the company wants their clients to benefit from thoroughly.

Remember, the responsibility of MegaSaw doesn’t end with construction project completions. It already contemplates the next step – that of recycling concrete successfully. Naturally, one cannot deny the company’s contributions towards a greener environment!