Concrete is an incredibly tough material to cut through. It only makes sense then that the material used for concrete cutting is incredibly tough as well. Typically, this material is a diamond cutting blade. 

Diamond cutting blades are the primary go-to when it comes to cutting concrete and even reinforced concrete. Projects, whether they are large or small, make use of diamond saw blades that are tipped with industrial diamonds to ensure an efficient concrete cutting process. 

Why else are diamonds used for cutting concrete? If you’d like to learn more about this, please feel free to continue reading our article below.

Why Use Diamonds To Cut Concrete?

Diamond saw blades are made of a circular steel disk with segments containing a mixture of diamonds and metal bond powders on the outer edges of the blade. The diamonds and metal bond powders are pressed and heated, tailor-made to the specific cutting application.

Industrial-grade diamonds are incredibly hard substances. When used properly, diamond blades can easily cut through any type of material. Additionally, they are capable of dispersing or transferring heat well, which means that they can withstand high temperatures from large amounts of friction. 

While diamonds are one of the hardest substances on the planet, there are plenty of other reasons why you would use diamonds to cut concrete. Some of these reasons include the following:

1). Speed

Diamond saw blades are incredibly efficient because they can quickly create precise cuts. There are various designs and models of diamond saw blades available. Each model has its own edge for carrying out the job fast while still remaining precise.

For example, there are turbo blades that have a continuous outer rim and a serrated edge. This allows the diamond blade to sustain high speeds and create precise cuts.

Concrete Cutting Melbourne Why Diamonds Cutting Concrete

2). Durability

Durability is a stand-out characteristic of diamond saw blades. Compared to other blades, they are incredibly durable because they have a circular steel disk with segments situated on the outer edge.

These segments are a mixture of diamonds and metal bond powder that are fused under high heat and pressure. This helps increase the longevity and durability of the diamond saw blade. 

Additionally, because diamonds are naturally the strongest substance on earth, they can last for years without losing their performance. Because of this, diamond blades are also cost-effective concrete cutting tools.

3). Precise Cutting

As previously mentioned, diamond saw blades can create incredibly precise cuts. One reason for this is that diamond saw blades don’t generate a lot of vibration which means that the cutter can position the blade at precise locations. 

Aside from precise cuts, diamond saw blades can create smooth cuts due to the diamond’s high-performance ability. A smooth cut means that the concrete structure will not be as strained compared to when other concrete cutting blades are used.

Additionally, low vibration is another factor in the prevention of increased strain on concrete during the concrete cutting process.

Concrete Cutting Melbourne Why Diamonds Cutting Concrete

4). Comfortability

Using diamond saw blades is quite comfortable. You’ll be able to not only create a cut without creating as much chipping and breakages, but the blade will produce significantly less noise in relation to other concrete cutting blades. Additionally, diamond saw blades can also remove the excess slurry and reduce dust generation during the cutting process. With this, diamond saw blades are definitely a more comfortable option to use.


Diamond saw blades are the best concrete cutting blades to choose from. Not only are diamonds, synthetic or natural, the hardest material, but they are infused strategically onto concrete cutting blades to deliver speed, durability, precision, and comfortability. 

Additionally, diamond saw blades are specifically made and designed for different concrete applications so that they will best deliver all the aforementioned advantages. With that, diamond saw blades are the best go-to in the concrete cutting industry over any other type of concrete cutting blades.

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