A hazard is defined as any change in vertical over quarter of an inch or greater than that at any crack or joint. Since Australian authorities demand every region to comply, it is the duty of MegaSaw to manage the concrete cutting and repair services professionally. We are experts in cutting and drilling services in Australia. We can handle both home and commercial concrete structures that require maintenance and replacements regularly. Remember, regular maintenance is better than to wait and replace those broken structures.

Peter H. Emmons of the Structural Group and Alexander M. Vaysburd, who is a concrete expert for over 30 years have provided this detailed summary about concrete repair and maintenance. The points they highlight are as follows.

Concrete Behaviour

This is where any concrete construction is expected to have a lifespan according to the quality and mixture used during the making. Concrete behaves in reaction to an action. The forces of nature such as weather and human activity determine its life. Rain and cold weather causes contraction, while warm environment causes it to expand. Over the duration of time, concrete expands and contract daily and it becomes weak. It then cracks and may divide and break completely. This observation suggests that replacing or regular repair of concrete construction is necessary.

Evaluating Concrete Problems

Concrete evaluation is necessary all throughout the making process. The durability and strength to endure effects is measured during that time. Concrete experts can tell the strength of a concrete structure even after ten years depending on how it was manufactured. The whole process entails measuring the ratio components of the products used to make the concrete.

Surface Repair

Professionals have a way of repairing; it is either by replacing parts or the entire affected concrete area. It is necessary to be carried out as it may affect the other parts if not attended to promptly. For example, a public walking surface may crack, and if not repaired, the area extends and becomes larger with time. Once noticed, the experts use equipment such as a handheld saw. This is a special type of saw that cuts through cracked concrete to avoid the spread. Then the area is filled with fresh concrete material and joined to the older remaining part.

Stabilisation and Strengthening

This is where concrete is enhanced by adding other materials during construction. They help to compact the entire part together until it dries. This builds a stable wall or surface that is resistant to breakage due to use of heavy materials on the surface. It makes the surface stronger and long lasting such that it takes many years serving before it is affected by adverse weather conditions.

The final stage after building a strong and stable concrete surface is to protect it. An application of another layer will serve as a protection. This ensures that the underlying concrete surface is not exposed. Most of the pressure is on the protected area. This protective function is also known to prevent breakage. It should be resistant to the weather, can absorb great pressure and cannot be peeled off easily.

Concrete cutting and repair is necessary when the surface is in specific conditions. This includes residual areas, home and commercial places. The following conditions are suitable time to carry out the concrete maintenance practice:

1. When the Surface Has a Crack

concrete surface with crack

There are times when concrete becomes weak and cracks. This peels off the top part and exposes the inner layer. It can injure any road or floor user. That is why it is a risk residing in an old and under maintained apartment. Small cracks may seem minor to avoid, but it is through them that water and other objects will get into the concrete.

2. Seepage Conditions

As said above, cracked surface will allow flowing water in, small objects can cause enlargements of the crack plus the inner part is exposed to adverse weather.

3. Leaking Walls

leaking wall

Leaking walls, for instance, those in the kitchens or those in the bathrooms should never be ignored. They are the major cause of weakness in any structure. Water, especially rain has acid in it that corrodes the concrete and makes it weak. Regular leaking leaves weak lines in the surface and the whole structure may collapse over time.

4. Scaling

This is where the measurements are not aligned to as required and you find some are side higher than others. If this happens to a footpath is can cause injuries to pedestrians and accidents which could have been avoided.

5. Discolouration

A discoloured concrete surface is as ugly as an old, unpainted one. Leaking surface will wash away the original colour of the surface. Whether painted or not, this will leave a semi-permanent mark. Solving this problem is an extra cost incurred. If it was better done from the beginning, it would have cost less.

6. Curling

How to Avoid or Treat the Above-Mentioned Conditions

One of the steps a contractor has to do is to grind the floor and the concrete surface. This is done by use of a heavy machine that is made to grind concrete. It vibrates and compacts the surface while still wet. By the time it dries, it is kept cool by covering the surface with a cold material of water material.

Removal and Demolition of the Affected Part

This is where concrete removers extract the entire affected area and separates it from the intact part. It is perfectly done by extending the affected part to some extent in the stable part. This is to avoid risks of unseeing penetration of the affected area.

The other step is to carry out concrete sawing and drilling. Drilling removes the affected part, and also the vibration serves to remove any remaining bad part on the surface. This leaves a strong well-cut and levelled surface unlike, the removed part.

Another thing to do to avoid concrete failure is to apply the masonry tiles. This is done as a topping after a perfect surface is ready. The tiles give protection to the floor and pavement in the commercial building. This serves more in the commercial areas where heavy object can be dragged causing floor surface damage. Hardscape and tile saw are used to shape and fit tiles to the surface perfectly to ensure no spaces are left to chance.

Dust Extraction

There are special sets of equipment that are used to extract dust from the wall or floor surface. Most of these units are vacuum operated, and they can suck even the minor dust particles. A well-dusted surface lasts longer because there are no chances of dirt penetration and accumulation between the tiles.

Concrete Floor Polishing

This is done during and after the surface is dry. It is done in two parts. To leave a surface that has the set standards is to remove the entire surface and to rebuild it a fresh. But the MegaSaw experts give you an alternative by restructuring the surface then polishing if. It saves time and space. On sidewalks, a well-done repair or restructuring is better as compare to another concrete surface as it is less destructive.

Warning Signs that Show that Concrete Cutting and Repair are Required

Incorrect alignment

The surface should always be aligned to each other and in most cases straight. When you find that some or the entire surface has upwards and downwards movements, it should be an alarm that it requires repair and other maintenance measures. The surface should be attended to before it becomes worse to the extent of falling apart and leaving part of it exposed. At a later stage, pot holes can emerge. Cutting and installing a new concrete will take less time to align it.


discoloured white wall due to seepage

A discoloured concrete region shows that there is a leakage underneath that is not observable from the top. In that case, it should be cut, dug and corrected. Filling and polishing the area will easily restore it to the normal state.

Extreme Roughness

This sign shows wearing off, and the surface will not be serving much longer. Anytime, it will progress to peeling off stage and eventually pot holes. A complete new structure is required to restore it and align it to the rest of the surface.

After rainfall and there is stagnant water in parts of the surface after other parts drain

This too shows that there is a problem with the alignment of the surface. At MegaSaw, concrete cutting and repair service of such parts is a simple task. With the use of hand machines, we can drill even your house floor and leave the drainage moving to one direction as required. For the commercial houses, much bigger and faster tools are used. This is to ensure that your business premises continue as scheduled.

With all that said, it is clear that using the right professionals have these benefits:

fully-equipped megasaw van

1. Use the Latest Tools and Technology

Utilise the latest concrete cutting equipment and technology. This makes MegaSaw the best company to hire so that you can optimise the solution and save time.

2. Fast and Excellent

MegaSaw is committed to serving clients the best service possible. Therefore, we make sure to complete the work by all means per the agreed standards.

3. Skilled and Experienced

We are the pioneers in this sector and with over 40 years’ experience, have completed a lot of concrete cutting work. This makes them the most reliable group with the right expertise.

4. Quick Response to Customers

Contacting MegaSaw through online or phone leaves you relieved as we always do our homework. We will get in touch with all the details you need. Usually, this takes less than 24 hours, and then you’ll get your quote before the job begins.

5. Affordable

The best prices for approved and quality services: MegaSaw offers affordable prices in the market putting into consideration or extras which are not charged.

6. Eco-friendly

We do not mess with the environment: Yes, this is because our tools are dust free and do not emit harmful gasses or any noise. Health is a big issue, and MegaSaw never overlooks it.

7. Right Number of Workers

This means that at MegaSaw, we give the right number of workers to your project to avoid overcrowding your place. This also ensures a reduced working radius. The result is accurate projects. Working on a tight space guarantees that every bit of your project is dealt with a professional way by using the right tools that will suit your environment.


  • ADA Compliance standards
  • Safety practices such as maintaining the sidewalks for pedestrians
  • Clean and Green – No littering is done as all the concrete is recycled or disposed using a safe method.
  • We always give a detailed report of the job done. This includes price, invoices, measurements, map location and sand cost incurred by the company.
  • We minimise the clients’ risk
  • Time-saving: MegaSaw takes less time on the sidewalks and there is no need to close it
  • Fair prices are set after considering the type of work expected to be done. No standard fee means that the price is set after evaluating the amount of work.
  • Full contract service – The client does not have to hire extra contractor for other related services as the company will cover all the work.
  • Guarantee – There is an approximation that MegaSaw’s service is 100% satisfactory to our clients in terms of quality of service and time. At MegaSaw, we highly value our clients, which is the reason why our customers keep coming back whenever they need this type of services. MegaSaw makes sure our clients are satisfied with the work before leaving the site.