A high-pressure, high flow water jet with an abrasion can cut through thick concrete, even those with heavy rebar. This is usually done through a small orifice like a water hose.

Nowadays, there are water jet cutting machines that can function with a high level of precision. 

Cutting concrete using a water jet has become very popular these days because it can cut through thick slabs of concrete and other thick industrial materials like ceramic, metal, and all kinds of stones.

How Is This Done?

The process simply uses three key elements – water, an abrasive substance, and a high-pressure machine with an orifice like the end of a hose.

It basically works like soil erosion but elevated a thousand levels, accelerated to so many degrees, and concentrated by orders of magnitude.

A water jet is usually used for removing unwanted areas of concrete usually when renovating a house or building, or removing damaged areas. It is also used to expose rebar.

The pressure on the machine can be adjusted according to the need and the work at hand. For example, when exposing underlying support structure, water pressure is lowered so the water jet will only cut through the concrete and not the rebar.

Using water jet for cutting concrete is also called hydro demolition. Hydro demolition is a quicker, more precise and more convenient option than sawing, chiselling, or jackhammering through concrete.

It yields better results and does not cause cracking and chipping so there is less damage to the concrete and the rebar.

How Can Water Cut Concrete slab rebar

Advantages Of Using Water Jet When Cutting Concrete

  1. It is safe. Most water jet machines are robot-operated. It can be maneuvered from a safe distance away from flying debris, dust, and other harmful materials. It can be operated at a safe distance without affecting its precision, control and quality of work.
  2. It gives concrete a smooth edge because it does not stress the concrete. There is no burring, deformation, chipping, cracking or thermal stress. Just clean smooth edges.
  3. It is very versatile. It can cut through curved and flat surfaces, thick or thin. It can even cut through hard to reach areas. Water is easily manipulated and can work well in confined spaces. 
  4. It is fast and efficient. Perhaps the fastest cutting method there is and it does the job with accuracy and precision and fewer errors. Most mistakes happen because of human error so this is all but eliminated.
  5. It saves time and money. Water jet cutting is very affordable. And because it is fast and robot-operated, you get to save on time and labour.
  6. It is environment friendly. 
  7. There is less dust production. 
  8. It keeps the structural integrity unharmed.

Safety Reminder:

Water jet cutters are relatively safe but there are dangers that are still present. Any equipment that can cut through concrete can easily cause bodily harm if safety protocols are not followed.

Always stay safe by following safety guidelines and wearing of personal safety gear. 

Here are some safety rules to remember:

  • Wear the required safety gear before you start the work and make sure everyone within the area does too.
  • When operating manually (no robot), keep your hands/fingers at a safe distance from the nozzle. If the water jet can cut through concrete, it can easily cut your fingers is you are not careful.
  • Wear safety glasses to protect your eyes from abrasive particles. This can cause severe and permanent damage to your eyes.
  • Make sure that the work area is clean from clutter and debris.
  • Keep headcount to a minimum when operating the water jet machine. No bystanders, please!
  • When working outdoors, put up safety covering to control flying debris.
  • Keep covers and guards on at all times.
  • Do not improvise or tamper with the machine.
  • Follow operating procedures and instructions.

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