Hydraulic ring saws are an incredibly effective cutting tool that can be used to make neat cuts even into thick and heavy concrete. 

It is particularly useful for cutting in small areas, hard to reach locations and confined spaces. Ring saws are not like hand saws. 

Rather than a metal blade with ‘teeth’ they use a circular blade that has an abrasive surface, often coated in diamonds, which will abrade the concrete and cut it that way. 

The rigid band is good for making straight, steady cuts.

Why Are Ring Saws a Good Choice

Ring saws are a good choice because they can make straight, deep and precise cuts. 

They can cut into or through very hard materials, and are comparatively safe to use.

How a Ring Saw Works

Ring saws rely on abrasion to cut into hard surfaces. They are powered by a hydraulic motor instead of an electric motor. 

This means that they are powerful and reliable, and can put out a lot of power. Hydraulic motors are essentially the same as hydraulic pumps. 

As hydraulic pressure is applied it creates the rotary motion that powers the saw. 

This kind of motor is quite inexpensive to make, and is very reliable, meaning that it is a good choice for heavy-duty machinery.

Ring saws powered by hydraulics are not prone to stalling in the way a petrol motor would. 

They can generate lots of power in a small package, and you can get a high-power ring saws that weigh less than 11kg, and that is more than up to the task of cutting into walls, roads, or structural concrete. 

Hydraulic ring saws put a tremendous amount of power into your hands, but a lot of that power comes from the blades that you choose. 

For the best performance, you should look for diamond blades. 

These are general-purpose blades that are coated in diamonds to provide maximum abrasive power.

Diamond Blades Will Need Replaced

High-quality diamond blades should last for a long time but you will need to replace them occasionally. 

How often they need to be replaced will depend on the environment that you are cutting in. 

It can be difficult to tell when a diamond blade needs to be replaced because unlike traditional saws, ring saws with diamond blades do not have a dull edge. 

You will have to stop cutting and look at the segments to identify if the blades are damaged. 

Or, just pay attention to see if the blade is cutting more slowly than normal.

Blades will wear out more quickly if you choose one that is too hard for the material being cut. 

They will also wear out more quickly if you are cutting for long periods without breaks. 

If you notice odd sounds, or that the cutting takes longer than you expected, then this is a sign that the blade may need to be replaced.

Hydraulic saws with diamond blades essentially ‘sand’ their way through the material, and they may kick up a lot of dust in the process.

Therefore, you should consider using water alongside them to make sure the cut goes through more smoothly. 

This will help to make the blade last longer, and will also mean that you don’t inhale copious amounts of concrete dust.

Hydraulic ring saws are so powerful that you may be able to get away with cutting with an almost smooth blade in an emergency, but it is far from ideal to do so. 

If you’re at a remote site and must get a job done, then a smooth blade might still work.

However, you need to be aware that it might vibrate a lot, which could damage the saw or lead to an uneven cut.

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