If you require a concrete cutter some of us may imagine it being a difficult job full of mess and noise, we may think it will be dusty as we imagine drilling down, cutting down, smashing down, knocking down of established concrete followed by the collecting and clearing of the whole mess to get the site ready for whatever is planned for it. We may even visualise burly workmen pounding their huge metal mallets on the wall or pavement, after probably drilling their way to create cracks to facilitate the demolition.

Concrete Cutting

These images don’t have to be a reality. With the proper equipment and skills of trained personnel and technicians, such as what we have at MegaSaw, concrete cutting, including the removal of the debris, can be a much cleaner and efficient job.

The key is in the cutting. Where we would think of cutting or sawing as something that is done only to wood, there are now equipment that can preserve good structurally-sound concrete parts such as walls, pavements and floorings and allow their re-design without destroying these concrete parts altogether.

A Cutting Tool for Every Cutting Job

At MegaSaw we have every type of equipment to do any kind and size of cutting job; a professional competence that we have developed over 40 years of being in business. We have the handsaw which is a most useful concrete saw for projects that larger equipment cannot access such as storage areas and bathrooms. With the handsaw, we can cut windows and doorway spaces without knocking through the wall.

We also have the road or floor saw, used appropriately for cutting through large portions of concrete flooring, pavement or even bridges. We also have several specialist tools for tricky and sensitive jobs that require a depth of cut. Examples of these tools are the ring saw, the wall saw and the wire saw forming part of our latest additions to our cutting-edge equipment.

professional concrete cutting

Higher Cutting Quality

Concrete cutting has thus elevated itself a notch higher in its professional classification. With high-technology cutting, a lot of things can be preserved, even as changes in design are being introduced. Cutting has not only been made high quality; cutting can in fact be assumed to have entered a new field altogether, providing fresh options to work in restorative construction.

Selection of Service Provider

To achieve the best results in concrete cutting, one critical step that must be undertaken is the selection of the professional cutting services provider. The new design concepts may only actually be executed if the cutting is done professionally. In making such a choice for the concrete cutter, the following are suggestions for consideration:

1. Professional competence

The cutting service provider you choose must possess the knowledge, experience and skills needed to execute even the most delicate and difficult design as specified. Included in this consideration is the professional accountability of the provider for the work it performs. Preference should certainly favour the providers who are accredited with the Concrete Sawing and Drilling Association of Australia (CSDAA).

2. Equipment and technology

The provider you choose must have the complete facilities to undertake the project to the finish and must possess the technological knowhow to execute the work with efficiency.

3. Concern for the environment

Choose a cutter who cares for the community where it resides. There are many ways a provider can express its environmentally green credentials and given the materials and processes by which it is involved, it must lead the way in promoting sustainability by pursuing green initiatives that reduce its carbon footprints. If it cares for the environment, it cares for you.

4. Customer service excellence

You need a provider who is available as well as being professional and caring; one whose services are within your reach whenever they are needed. You need a provider who puts you ahead and on top of other interests.

These are just few of the critical factors that can serve to identify the characteristics of the concrete cutting provider that will be suitable for your concrete cutting needs. Cost is not included as a selection factor because in the end, what matters is the quality of the work that is completed. If the work is satisfactory or even exceeds satisfaction, wouldn’t cost be the least important?

MegaSaw and Concrete Cutting

We at MegaSaw would love to know how we can be of service and value to you, not only for your concrete cutting requirements but for your other cutting or sawing needs. We would love to have you contact us on 1300 920 409. Or you may drop us an email at MegaSaw@bigpond.net.au.