How to Choose Your Professional Concrete Cutter in Melbourne


Do you need professional concrete cutter Melbourne services? Some of you may imagine the concrete cutter as difficult tool to use, full of mess and noise. You may think it will be dusty as burly workmen pound their way through thick layers of concrete with their huge metal mallets, followed by collecting and clearing the whole mess to get the site ready for whatever it is planned for.

Concrete Cutter Melbourne

Thanks to MegaSaw, these images don’t have to be a reality. With the proper equipment and skills of professionally trained concrete cutters Melbourne, such as what we have at MegaSaw, concrete cutting, including the removal of the debris, can be a much cleaner and efficient job.

A key part of the equation is using the right concrete cutter equipment. The right tools can preserve good structurally-sound concrete parts such as walls, pavements and floorings and allow their re-design without destroying these concrete parts altogether.

The Right Tool for Every Cutting Job

At MegaSaw we have every type of equipment to do any kind and size of cutting job; a professional competence that we have developed over 40 years of being in business. We have the handsaw which is a most useful concrete saw for projects that a larger concrete cutter cannot access such as storage areas and bathrooms. With the handsaw, we can cut windows and doorway spaces without knocking through the wall.

We also have the road or floor saw, used appropriately for cutting through large portions of concrete flooring, pavement or even bridges. We also have several specialist tools for tricky and sensitive jobs that require a depth of cut. Examples of these tools are ring saw, wall saw and wire saw forming part of our latest additions to our cutting-edge equipment.

Much Improved Cutting Performance

Concrete cutting has thus elevated itself a notch higher with the influx of new knowledge and better tools. With high-technology cutting, a lot of things can be preserved, even as changes in design are being introduced. Cutting has not only been made high quality; cutting can in fact be assumed to have entered a new field altogether, providing fresh options to work in restorative construction.

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