When looking for the best saws for cutting concrete, there are many options available in the market. 

For instance, there are those with gas engines, cordless electric motors or powered by hydraulics or pneumatics. 

If used recklessly, all these equipment are highly dangerous. 

Therefore, if you are working with a hydraulic hand-held concrete cutting saw, you need to apply all the safety measures for the best results. 

Safety Rules 

Each saw has its own list of general safety rules and procedures that should be followed by an operator. 

For instance, when using the hydraulic-powered concrete cutting saw, you need to unplug the saw before changing the blades. 

  • Secondly, hand-held cutting saws are only supposed to be used where the larger saws can’t be used. 

Therefore, you shouldn’t use them in different areas than what’s recommended for your own safety. 

  • When using the hydraulic-powered hand-held concrete cutting saw, always make sure that your hands are at waist level when cutting horizontally. 

When cutting vertically, make sure you operate the saw between the collar bone and knee height. 

If you ignore these simple rules, you are likely to put yourself in very dangerous situations. 

  • If you are using a non-trigger tool, make sure there is another person grabbing the equipment to make sure it’s safe. 

Both people should hold the saw properly for the right grip. If the saw isn’t too heavy, it will reduce the risk of a strain-related injury. 

The hand-held saw should be balanced aptly and packed with anti-vibration hand grips. That way, you can enjoy the best support and comfort while operating it. 

  • Keep in mind that if the hydraulic hand-held concrete cutting saw is not balanced properly when in use, you might be forced to place your hands in very risky positions. 

For instance, the blade might have an unusual vibration or you might place your hand too close to it thus risking serious bodily harm to yourself. 

The vibration might also affect your blood circulation, nerves and joints. 

  • When cutting the concrete horizontally, make sure the saw moves from right to left and vice versa without changing the guard or blade. 

There should be an automatic switch for cutoff purposes. If you are cutting pipe make sure there is enough support and choking to avoid any movement.

  • Make sure you notify others in the area that you are about to begin using the saw to avoid any casualties on the construction site. 

Make sure there is a noise warning in place to prevent people from crossing into your workspace aimlessly. 

  • Before you start using the hand-held cutting saw you need to inspect the blade thoroughly. First, you need to make sure that it’s not damaged. 

If it is damaged, you need to replace it because using a damaged blade could result in it ejecting fine pieces of concrete and also lead to further breakage. 

Therefore, check the blade thoroughly to make sure it doesn’t have any missing segments and if they are missing, change it immediately. 

  • When mounting the blade, make sure you do so properly. 

It might seem like a very simple thing but it’s critical if you want to guarantee safe operation. 

Before mounting the blade, you need to turn off the power completely. The cord should be unplugged and the engine is off. 

Use the right tools to tighten the blade to make sure it doesn’t wobble. The blade guard should always be in position before you start operating the saw. 


In conclusion, in any construction site where concrete cutting is involved, these safety measures should be applied at all times to prevent injuries. 

You can always use hydraulic hand-held cutting saws for concrete cutting but make sure you follow the safety procedures to the letter. 

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