After a good financial year Megasaw has just purchased two new Toyota Hiace Vans that are currently being fitted out to suit our requirements.

We have also purchased brand new equipment to go into these vans. This is all part of our plan to maintain a reliable fleet of vehicles and machinery with all the new technology.

This makes us fast, reliable and competitive.

New Hand sawing Technology

Megasaw has just purchased a new “Electric Inverter Handsaw” which allows us to use either 240 volt standard power or 3 phase power to saw cut walls and floors with no fumes what so ever. The power pack unit is much smaller and easier on the operator.

New Employee

Welcome Jay Worboys!

Jay has just started with Megasaw and it looks like he is going to be a gun cutter. Jay has been working in the construction industry for 15 years and has experience in numerous areas of construction.

He has taken various concrete cutting jobs like a duck to water and his professional attitude is 2nd to none.