Wet weather makes it tough for September but MegaSaw still manages to look after clients and get the work done. Rain hail or shine, MegaSaw look after their clients’ needs.

Critical Confined Space Project

MegaSaw concurs another Confined Space project for one of its good clients. Our specially trained Confined Space operators had to cut and stitch drill a section of concrete wall and floor in a sewer pump station on the peninsula. All precautions had to be taken using a tripod and safety harnesses as well as poisonous gas detectors to monitor the air quality.

Warning to All Contractors

A MegaSaw Warning on Dirty Diesel Fuel…..A bad batch of diesel fuel has caused havoc with 1 MegaSaw van after fouling fuel lines and blocking injectors. The problem was diagnosed quickly and fixed straight away. Lucky MegaSaw has spare vehicles and machinery so their is no inconvenience to their clients.

Footy Tipping Competition

Footy Tipping…..Unfortunately for the Fellas, Steph the office girl won the footy tipping by 7 picks. Disgraceful guys.

Diamond Tools Conference

For the 5th year MegaSaw gets invited to the Husqvarna Diamond Tools Conference. Only top performers in our industry get an invite to this event and MegaSaw up there again.

Core Drilling Job

MegaSaw core drills holes into a big granite rock feature at The Narcropolous in Springvale. A good client is landscaping a new area for people to be put to rest in. I hope we didn’t disturb anyone?