If you’re involved in construction or renovation, you would know that cutting concrete is a common part of these processes. However, before you cut concrete, it is important that you take the necessary precautions to ensure there are no accidents or mistakes.

One of these precautions is concrete scanning, which helps you decipher whether or not it is safe to cut the concrete area in question.

Concrete scanning can help you save time, save money, and most importantly prevent injuries and possible damage. So, what else should you know about concrete scanning?

If you want to learn more about why you should scan concrete before cutting it, then please keep on reading to learn more. 

What Is Concrete Scanning?

Concrete scanning is the process of scanning concrete by using one or multiple forms of non-destructive technology. Examples of these technologies may include a cover metre, a ground-penetrating radar (GPR), a ferroscan tool, and even an ultrasonic scanning instrument. 

These tools are designed to penetrate the ground in order to locate embedded objects and other structural anomalies within the concrete. The findings of the non-destructive tests (NDTs) will be interpreted by highly skilled engineers and professionals who will be able to notify you of the safety conditions of cutting the concrete in question. 

Most of the time, you can receive the findings and results of the NDTs in 3D images and real-time at the construction site, which can be considered very convenient. 

Additionally, concrete scanning can gather information from areas including bridges, roads, buildings, runways, concrete slabs, car parks, and much more.

Should You Scan Concrete Before Cutting

1). Concrete Scanning Helps Detect Possible Obstructions

The most important advantage of concrete scanning is that it can detect the presence of obstructions within the concrete. With concrete scanning, you will be able to detect things such as:

  • Electrical conduits, whether they are plastic or metallic. If you accidentally cut an electrical conduit or utility line, then this can pose an incredible safety hazard and can be very costly. This can also lead to power outages and service loss. 
  • Rebar and post-tension cables. Cutting these cables can pose serious injuries to your workers, and can cause debris to fly around causing further damage. Cutting rebar and cables can also cause structural damage to a building, which will impact your project and lead to high repair costs.
  • Objects embedded in the concrete
  • Water lines, including leaks
  • Radiant heating lines, including leaks
  • Steel reinforcement and information such as depth, spacing, and diameter

All these obstructions, if left undetected, can lead to safety hazards, costly repairs, and structural damage, all of which will not only affect your construction project but endanger your workers as well. 

2). Concrete Scanning Can Inspect Concrete Structure

With concrete scanning, you can inspect the structure of concrete, and any anomalies that may come with it.

Concrete scanning can measure the thickness of the concrete, estimate the elevation and spacing of the concrete slab, and detect voids, air pockets, or concrete corrosion, all of which can lead to serious structural damage to the building and the concrete if it were to be cut.

Concrete scanning is also useful when it comes to identifying the load-bearing capabilities of a certain concrete structure. This will give engineers and designers alike an idea of where they can and cannot drill to avoid costly and harmful consequences. 

Should You Scan Concrete Before Cutting

3). Concrete Scanning Leads To A Safer Working Environment

It is important to place the safety and wellbeing of your workers first and foremost. After all, your construction project will not be made possible without them. 

One of the best ways to ensure the safety of your workers is to perform concrete scanning in order to identify the presence of obstructions and other structural defects that can lead to serious consequences. 

With concrete scanning in place, you will ensure both a safer working environment and a successful construction project. 

Final Thoughts

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