Concrete cutting is the process of drilling holes through concrete surfaces such as ceilings and walls. Concrete is considered to be one of the toughest materials on earth due to its hardened nature. Hence, concrete cutting is a highly specialised job that requires highly trained professionals and tools to handle the project.

Special tools and equipment are required to get the job done without creating any damage to the underground electrical conduits and other utilities that run through the concrete.

That is why you should work with a professional and experienced concrete cutting service in Australia when dealing with any type of concrete cutting project.

Here are the different types of concrete cutting in Australia.

Dry Sawing

This concrete cutting method is exclusively used for outdoor projects. The technique produces an enormous amount of dust in the cutting process. A diamond blade cutter is used for these projects. The strength of the diamond helps protect the blade from overheating in the absence of water.

Dry cutting saws give out an enormous amount of dust, unlike wet cutting saws. Expect tiny flying concrete chips when cutting with a dry saw. That is why it is important that the professional cutting technician uses the right protective gear when using this method to cut concrete. The higher power of dry cutting tools is ideal for large-scale concrete jobs outdoors.

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Wet Sawing

Wet sawing is a more safe technique of concrete cutting compared to the dry sawing method. It is characterised by dust reduction and the safety of the operator. The saw is cool due to the water. Hence, it is much easier to cut concrete using this method.

On the other hand, the wet sawing technique is more environmentally friendly compared to the dry sawing method. It won’t cause respiratory illnesses in the operators and bystanders similar to the dry sawing technique.

Wall Sawing

Wall sawing deals with cutting vertical concrete structures such as walls in a building. Wall saws are mostly used to create openings in a concrete building in order to include doors and windows in the building. the saw uses high-quality diamond blades that help obtain the minimum level of friction when cutting the vertical structure.

This type of cutting requires the services of a highly specialised and experienced technician. Hence, make sure that you hire the right concrete cutting service in Australia for such a project.

Floor Sawing

This method is used to cut holes into concrete payments, roads, decks, and bridges. In case you need awkward sizes and shapes to be cut in hard concrete surfaces, you should use this technique. The main benefit of this method is that it leaves the remaining concrete surface undisturbed.

There are a variety of machines used for this type of projects such as diesel, petrol, and 3-phase electric floor saws. Make sure that you work with a highly specialised concrete cutting service in Australia when dealing with this type of project.

Ring Sawing

Ring Sawing

This technique is most popularly used for small and medium-size concrete projects. This method is quite similar to chainsawing. It helps create holes in confined spaces with high precision. Ring saws are hand-held.

Hence, it is easier to use these tools in confined and hard to reach areas. They are used for precision cutting in order to prevent the concrete surface from being damaged or overcut.

A ring saw could easily cut through a hard surface such as granite, stone, glass, marble, and acrylic. Make sure that you work with a qualified and experienced concrete cutting service in Australia when dealing with such a project.

Wire Sawing

This method is used for creating highly accurate cuttings in steel and reinforced concrete. If you want to create different types of shapes in different sizes, you shouldn’t look further than the wire sawing technique. These tools use diamond embedded cables to do the job. It minimises the wastage in the process. Wire sawing is an anti-vibration method for cutting concrete. Hence, it doesn’t create any cracks around the openings and cuts. But you should hire a specialised concrete cutting service for the project.

Concrete Cutting Services

Finding the right concrete cutting service in Australia isn’t an easy task. There are numerous cutting services operating across the country. But all of these concrete cutting services are not the same. The reputation of the service is the most important thing to look for when choosing the best company for your project. They should be highly specialised in dealing with all type of concrete cutting projects. Make sure that you perform extensive research before picking the right cutting service for the project.

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