Concrete cutters are built to cut through the toughest concrete. Typically, there is no type of concrete they can’t cut. There may be very few exceptions, though like exceptionally hard materials.

However, when you talk about regular concrete and natural stone materials that are often dealt with in construction operations, there is no concrete that most concrete cutters can’t slice through.

Most concrete cutters and saws use industrial-grade diamond blades to cut concrete. Diamond blades can cut through anything that is not stronger or tougher than diamonds.

Diamond is known to be the hardest material on earth. Some concrete – natural or manmade like sapphire, diamonds, metals used in high-grade vaults, etc, may be challenging to cut through but it can be done. 

It is difficult to find any type of concrete that modern cutters cannot cut. Concrete cutting is an innovative industry that is quick to find solutions to any difficult problems.

If there was a material that was difficult to cut, chances are, the industry will invent a new machine to cut through it.

Reinforced Concrete

This is not something your regular concrete saw can cut. Forget about chiselling and jackhammering. Concrete with heavy rebar is tough to cut but a diamond blade can do the job.

A water jet machine can also cut through rebar with precision. Depending on the thickness of the concrete and the quality of the rebars, the cutting may take some time but it is doable.

Ultra-High Performing Concrete

This is a very strong, durable, high tensile ductility and very tough kind of concrete. Only diamond blades can cut through it.

You will need the assistance of a structural engineer in determining the type of saw or cutter you can use, the size of the diamond blade, and other considerations.

This is a challenging material to cut through but with the right equipment and people, it can be done.

High Strength Concrete

High strength concrete can resist strong force without breaking. It has a compressive strength of 6000 psi. That is a tough concrete to crack!

Cutting this type of concrete will require a diamond blade. With professional help and right tools, you can cut through high-strength concrete without too many dramas.

What Material Concrete Cutters Not Cut Through Diamond blade

Sapphire, Diamonds And Other Natural Stones

These natural stones can be cut although it can be very challenging. Diamond cutters can cut through diamonds and gemstones.

However, these stones are not used in construction and building operations. This is not something that we should worry about. The jewellery industry has a solution for that.

Final Thoughts

There is pretty much nothing concrete cutters today cannot cut through. There may be some types of concrete that are harder and take time to slice through but they can definitely be done. 

When dealing with hard and tough materials, even with regular concrete, you should seek professional help. Highly trained technicians can easily do the work for you with precision.

You can save time and money when you entrust the work to the experts.

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