Is this your first time needing to cut a concrete wall? Well, just as there are certain precautions you must take with cutting concrete in general, there are also precautions you must take before sawing a concrete wall.

Sawing a concrete wall can be quite dangerous. As such, it is important that you are well equipped with the knowledge, skills, and tools to safely carry out the job. 

If you want to learn more about cutting a concrete wall, then please keep on reading below as we explore the topic further.

The Do’s Of Concrete Wall Sawing

Concrete wall sawing is a pretty tough job. It requires specific tools, particularly concrete wall saws or track saws, to get the job done.

However, aside from obtaining and maintaining these tools, there are also safety guidelines that come with concrete wall sawing. Here are some do’s to keep in mind:

  • Do make sure to choose the proper tools for concrete wall sawing. Cutting corners is considered a disadvantage in wall sawing because it can be hard to prevent overcutting with round blades. As such, you should also consider other tools if aesthetics is considered a priority. 
  • Do make sure to inspect the diamond blades before beginning the project. It is important that your tools are in good condition before they are put to use. 
  • Do wear personal protective equipment (PPE) such as goggles, rubber boots, ear protection, gloves, and more. Some projects may also require you to wear a respirator for breathing protection purposes.
  • Do ensure that you follow the recommended blade diameter and specifications before cutting the material. The larger your diamond blade is, the slower you should be moving it. You may follow the guidelines in the manufacturer’s operating manual to choose the right blade diameter, operating speed, etc.
  • Do check to see if the water flow is continuous on both sides of the diamond blade.
  • Do ensure that the blade guard is securely in place especially during operation.
  • For dry cutting, do run the blade free for about 30-40 seconds to help prevent it from overheating.
  • Do check the pulleys for signs of excessive wear. Make sure that the V-belts are also properly tensioned. Using worn-out pulleys and improper belt tensions can cause discrepancies in operating speed, reducing the overall efficiency of the diamond blades.
  • Do perform a periodic and regular examination of the blades for cracks or signs of excessive wear. The steel centre and its segments may be prone to cracking and wearing out from underneath. 

What Need Learn Before Cutting Concrete Wall

The Don’ts of Concrete Wall Sawing

While there are do’s that you must take into consideration with concrete wall sawing, there are also dont’s. Here are a few of them:

  • Don’t operate sawing equipment if you are not properly skilled or trained to do so. Concrete sawing requires the use of heavy equipment that should not be operated without the proper and safe lifting technique. 
  • Don’t use a diamond blade that has any signs of damage or missing segments. Make sure the blade is sharp enough and that the guard is secure.
  • Don’t use diesel or gasoline-powered equipment to perform concrete sawing in areas that do not have proper ventilation. 
  • Don’t make a deep cut in the first pass. Make sure to begin concrete cutting with an up-cut.
  • Don’t forget to use a safety mask when dry cutting and wall drilling. Drill bits can create large amounts of dust and debris that can harm your eyes and damage your lungs.
  • Don’t perform dry concrete cutting methods with blades that are exclusively designed for wet concrete cutting operations.
  • Don’t choose the wrong diamond blade for the material to be cut. The wrong selection of the blade can cause serious damage to the blade and machine. This can create repercussions to site safety conditions.

What Need Learn Before Cutting Concrete Wall


It is clear that there are many things to consider before cutting a concrete wall. While there are do’s such as ensuring you are wearing the proper attire and regularly inspecting your cutting equipment, there are also don’ts such as not using the wrong blade and not operating cutting equipment if you are not trained or skilled to do so.

Before cutting concrete, make sure that you follow all the important points in this article. This is not only to ensure your own safety but the safety of your fellow workers as well. 

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