Diamond chainsaws and cut-off machines are the two most popular concrete cutting tools used in the construction industry.

Hand sawing is a traditional concrete cutting method, but it takes a lot of time and effort. Plus, the depth of the cut is not often satisfactory.

Following are some techniques that can saw-cut concrete to a significant depth:

1.Cut-off Machines

This is the industry standard machine when it comes to saw cutting concrete. These hand-held saws can cut concrete, metal, and asphalt.

A diamond blade or abrasive resin wheel is used in this machine to cut concrete.

You can improve the efficiency of the machine by installing an electric motor or air compressor, hydraulic power unit, or a two-stroke gas engine.

They can cut through 12 to 14-inches of concrete.

It is wise to use a strong power source for cut-off machines to increase their speed. They also become simpler to use and are less noisy.

This is even more so if the main focus is on the depth of the cut as opposed to the noise created when in an enclosed environment.

This is where cut-off machines achieve the best results.

2.Hydraulic Saws

Hydraulic saws offer the maximum power to weight ratio. Moreover, they are convenient to use. One small drawback of this machine is its cost.

Hydraulic saws can be expensive. You may find it more cost effective to hire a company that offers hydraulic saw cutting of concrete.

The way these saws work is by building up pressure in the hydraulic line which then, in turn, helps to produce an accurate cut.

They operate faster than cut-off machines, and you can use them both in enclosed and outdoor environments.

Hydraulic saws are often used to cut huge concrete slabs or cut through walls that are more than 14-inches thick.

3.Diamond Chainsaws

Diamond chainsaws resemble a wood-cutting chainsaw, but they come with a chain, guide bar, and a power head.

As the name suggests, the diamond chainsaw primarily has diamond segments laser welded into the traditional circular blade.

They create a grinding action that cuts the concrete.

This is one of the safest concrete cutting methods you can use as there is no chance of kickback from the chain.

These concrete cutting saws have several benefits over the other two methods.

This machine goes nose first into the concrete and cuts more than twice of what cut-off machines can perform.

So, if there is a requirement to cut a concrete slab of more than 28 inches thick, you can use a diamond chainsaw to the best effect.

There are also gas saws that can cut concrete, but their depth is only limited to 10 inches.

Some of them may reach 12 inches, but it will be wise to either use a diamond chainsaw or a hydraulic saw for a deeper cut.

Those who don’t want to invest in buying a concrete cutting machine can opt for the services of a company that uses the latest tools and saws.

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