It’s perfectly normal to want to use the best equipment possible when facing a difficult task like cutting through concrete. The most popular type of blade used for concrete cutting is a diamond blade, but they can be quite pricey. One common concern is whether or not a stone blade can be substituted for a diamond blade when working with concrete. We’ll dig deep into this question and weigh the benefits and drawbacks of employing masonry blades when working with concrete in this article.

Masonry Blades And Concrete Cutting

It’s essential to define masonry blades and distinguish them from diamond blades before we continue. A masonry blade is comparable to a diamond blade, but it has fewer diamonds and a softer bond. Bricks and blocks are among the softer materials they can cut through without rapidly dulling the blade. Conversely, diamond blades are optimised for cutting tougher materials like tarmac and concrete.

Can Masonry Blades Cut Concrete?

In a nutshell, sure, masonry blades can make quick work of concrete. While they can be used for cutting concrete, they weren’t made to do so and may not be the best choice for your job. Masonry blades are intended to cut through softer materials like bricks and blocks, while diamond blades are made to cut through harder materials like concrete.

Pros And Cons Of Using Masonry Blades For Cutting Concrete

Cutting concrete with a masonry blade has its advantages and disadvantages, both of which should be considered thoroughly before making a final choice. Some of the most important considerations are as follows:


  • Value for money: Masonry blades are more affordable than diamond blades, making them a better choice for do-it-yourselfers.
  • Useful for light cutting, such as slicing through thin pieces of concrete
  • Quickly accessible: You can find them in any hardware shop.


  • They aren’t made to cut through concrete, so you can expect them to wear out faster and leave a less-than-perfect incision.
  • Wear out rapidly: They could get worn out rapidly, particularly if used on heavy concrete floors.
  • They can generate a significant amount of dust, which is potentially hazardous to human health if ingested.
Can Masonry Blades Be Used Cutting Concrete

Tips For Cutting Concrete With Masonry Blades

Here are a few things to remember when using a stone blade to break up concrete:

First, make sure the blade can handle carving concrete. Cut concrete with care; not all masonry tools can handle the task. Blades made for cutting masonry should be sought out.

To lessen the amount of sawdust created, it’s best to use a dust-controlled circle saw. The particles produced when cutting concrete can be hazardous to one’s health. Dust can be contained with the aid of a dust control device on a circular saw.

Wetting the concrete’s surface can help mitigate the heat and dust generated by the sawing process. It’s a good idea to wet the area with a garden hose or spray bottle before you start cutting.

If you’re using a masonry blade to cut through concrete instead of a diamond one, go gradual and steady to avoid breaking the blade or the tool.

Protect yourself by wearing safety goggles, a dust mask, and earplugs when cutting concrete to avoid injury from flying debris and excessive commotion.

Final Thoughts

To sum up, masonry tools can cut through concrete, but they aren’t the best choice for the job. To make a clean incision and to extend the life of the blade, use a diamond blade on tough materials like concrete. However, a masonry blade can be a more affordable choice if you’re on a tight budget or only need to cut through a few layers of wood. To guarantee a safer and more effective cutting process, just remember the aforementioned advice.

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