finding concrete removal service

Finding a good concrete removal service is difficult, especially if it’s your first time to hire one. There are different factors in making a decision. Bottomline is that a good concrete removal service has a good reputation, is experienced and insured.


Finding Concrete Removal Service

The following are the best tips for finding a good concrete removal service.


Check References

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Concrete removal services are just like any other home improvement contractor. They should provide more than three references. Talk to their previous or current clients. But avoid relying on references alone. Companies of course will  give you a list of their best clients, so be cautious when going about it.



Megasaw Work

The best contractors have a gallery of their recent work. Check the portfolio of the ones that interest you so that you would have a clear idea of their services.



The best concrete removal services are reliable, providing high quality work consistently. A good service should have more than 5 years of experience. Experienced contractors provide excellent service and recommendations.

Be cautious if you choose a contractor with less experience. They may have a razor thin track record. Ultimately, you’ll risk wasting time and resources if they fall short of satisfactory results.



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Hire a concrete removal company that has a good reputation.  To be sure start by checking their image online through testimonials and reviews.

Pay special attention to poor reviews. It is from these that you can cull how the company responds to negative customer feedback and in improving their services.

You can also ask your friends if they have hired the company and ask them about their experience. to tell you their experience working with the company.



If your chosen concrete removal service is not insured, you will be liable if a mishap occurs on the job. Ask the company about their insurance policy’s coverage. Find out how the policy protects you and your property from damages.

A professional company has worker’s compensation plan and general liability coverage. Contact the insurance company to verify the coverage and timeframe.


Written Estimates

Get more than five written estimates from different contractors. Make sure that each contractor checks out the job. Find out how long the job will take and if the weather conditions may affect the status of the job.

There are some contractors that may give you low estimates. Be careful about these contractors. Moreover, avoid ones that will not visit your house to check out the project. They might not give the right estimates.

Use these estimates to hire a contractor that you can afford. Higher cost is not necessarily a guarantee of better service.

On the other hand, there are contractors that don’t give away from contractors that do not provide written estimates.  Stay away from them. Stick with ones that will send someone to inspect your project.


Get Everything in Writing

Do not rely on verbal agreements. The details and additional promises of the project should be in writing.

The agreement should include; a warranty, the materials for the project, start and completion date, a description of the service and a payment schedule. Do not use a company that does not give a written contract.

With these tips, you’re sure to find a good concrete removal service.


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