Today, lots of choices are available in saws. It comes with cordless electric motors, gas engines, or saws powered by pneumatics or hydraulics. All these equipments, by their nature, are highly hazardous tools if used recklessly. Safety, hence, is the most important aspect you need to consider before actually working with a saw.

Safety Issues

The foremost thumb rule is not to assume that anyone operating this equipment is well versed with the safely issues procedures. Each saw comes with a complete list of general safety rules that is compulsory to be followed, spanning from ensuring that electrical tools are unplugged prior to changing blades to just facilitating the tool it is meant for not something else.

Equipment Type

Hand-held cutting saws are meant to be used only where the larger self-supporting saws are not compatible.

Work Area

Hand-held saws is ideal to be used when the operator’s hands are lifted at waist height while holding the equipment when cutting horizontally and between the collar bone to the height of knee when vertical cutting is in progress. Operation beyond these guidelines may create hazards of injury to the operator.

Basic Safety Tips

Safety TipsIf the operator is using a non-trigger tool there must be a holder to grab the equipment properly. A proper grip for both left and right handed operators is imperative. Lighter the saw, better it is, as it will reduce risk of strain injury. Aptly balanced equipment must be packed with anti-vibration hand-grips to offer the best comfort to the operator and great support.

Improperly balanced equipment may require the operator’s to place his hands in risky positions close to the blade or it may vibrate unusually while using thus risking harm to the operator’s nerves, joints and circulation. Right diamond cutting should be put to use for the material being cut to void apply more force by the operator to perform the task.

Safety with Right Primary Checking

To cut concrete horizontally, the saw should move right to left and left to right without lifting or changing the blade or guard. It should have an automatic cutoff switch. If you are going to cut pipe make sure that they are having ample support and are properly chocked. Let the workers working in the close vicinity of the site have the information that drilling or cutting is about to commence. Put the ‘Noise Warning’ and ‘Danger Diamond Drilling’ indications in conspicuous places. Instruct the people helping the operator to stay away from any hazard of rapid saw movements or expulsion of fine pieces.

Fuelling must be done after switching off and keeping of the work space.The cutting area should be cleaned and have even surface. Executing concrete cutting & sawing indoors, ensure that the operator is using compressed or hydraulically-driven saw and also ensure that proper ventilation system is available.

Manually no cutting should be performed above shoulder height. Something placed at greater height should be performed using scaffold. Check for the hoses and right level of oil. Check the conditions of ground to ensure safety of operator. Put all electrical cables safely to the ground level. Make sure the engine is properly warmed up and the blade has started running at the right speed prior to commencing the cutting process.

Facilitate the handles instead of the belt guard to support the device. Cutting and drilling task must not be performed near combustible material, wet slurry, fumes, and electrically-powered device. Immediately stop the equipment if an unauthorized person enters the work area or in case you find fault with the machine or blade.

Safety While Operation

When the task is going to start using the saw, first mark the cut line using a waterproof crayon or permanent marker. Stand firmly placing one foot apart from other and one in front of the other, the balance of the body and the back should be close to vertical angle.

In case of cutting a pipe, keep the saw forward as the cutting should take place in the lower quadrant of the blade. Cut the top of the pipe by rotating the pipe between the cut. After using the saw for some time and changing to a second blade, ensure to align the blade in sync with the earlier cut before starting the cutting process. Operation should be done at optimum blade revolutions and a swishing sound can be heard from the blade when cutting properly. Ensure to release the triggers when the blade gets stuck up or jams due to any reason.

Maintenance Tips

The overall functioning condition of the equipment must be checked by the operator before actually commencing the cutting to make sure that the cutting device, leads, blade, guards, and hydraulic hoses are in best condition. The device must be checked and maintained thoroughly by the right technician. Just ensure that defective equipments may put the operator along with the people working in the close vicinity in danger.

Above stated are some of the safety measures that are requisite for operating hand held concrete saw. Following these safety measures will help the operator and the other people working in the same environment to maintain a good working environment and avoid any hazard to the lives of these people.