In order to perform the perfect concrete saw cuts, you need to have the right gear, knowledge and practical skills.

Concrete cutting is a precision job that can be quite demanding when it comes to delivering the best possible results.

If you are planning a professional or DIY remodelling project that involves concrete cutting, familiarise yourself with the following concrete cutting tips can help you achieve perfect results.

Achieving the perfect cut is important as it helps to avoid making any mistakes that might lead to unnecessary delays, costs or injuries.

Please read on to learn about some useful tips that will guarantee you the perfect concrete cut. 

Get The Right Gear

To cut concrete to perfection, you need to have the right tools. First and foremost, you need to have the right saw.

Your options here include diamond, handheld, walk-behind and wet saws.

Each of these cutting saws is designed to deliver the best cutting results when used on specific concrete surfaces.

Some of the determining factors include the strength of the concrete and the size of the surface in question among others.

Concrete cutting jobs can be quite dangerous.

You are not only handling equipment that is heavy and dangerous but also have to deal with dust and concrete debris flying around at high speed.

For safety purposes, it’s imperative that you wear the necessary protective gear. Earmuffs, gloves and protective eyewear should be worn when cutting concrete.

Cutting Blades

Without the right blade, you might end up with poor concrete cuts, or worse still, make the task at hand even more dangerous.

For instance, if you use the wrong blade you might be forced to apply more pressure on the saw, increasing the risk of making mistakes and even injuring yourself.

Furthermore, using the wrong blade might increase the amount of heat and dust produced from the cutting work.

The nature of the job at hand and the cutting depth should determine your choice of cutting blade.

Larger blades should be used to make deep cuts, with diamond blades being the best for cutting extra strong or thick concrete.  

If at any point you find that the cutting work is taking more effort or time than necessary, you should look at changing to a sharper more suitable blade.


Taking the time to properly prepare for the task at hand will go a long way towards ensuring the best cutting results.

For starters, you should find out as much as you can about the concrete surface you intend to cut through. This will ensure that you get the right equipment for the job.

You should also find out whether there are any utility lines buried within the concrete you need to cut through.

To keep your cuts as accurate as possible you should also mark the surface using chalk.  

The Actual Cutting  

Once you are ready to start the actual concrete cutting work, make a surface cut along the marked surface.

This will make the cutting work easier as it breaks down the concrete surface.

When cutting, avoid exerting too much pressure on the saw as this can create a number of problems.

The weight of the saw should just be enough to allow the saw to cut through the surface of the concrete.

This means that you will only need to more or less steer the saw along the surface cut.

Concrete cutting generates a lot of heat. To keep the blade from overheating, be sure to retract the blade every 30 seconds or so to allow it to cool.

So there are our top tips for guaranteeing the perfect concrete saw cut.   

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